New crate system or how did perblue just killed themselves

With one sentence Perblue just killed themselved:

I cite:
*“a crate only contain heroes and items that we’re available at the time it was

What’s your opinion on this issue !?

Why is that such a big deal? I don’t really get it :thinking:


You will not be able to save crates for later use. If you have a full character and you want to save for later use you will still only get the old ones…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Only these specific crates, though - diamond crates will still contain heroes at time of opening, so nothing has been lost - just added

Is there some misunderstanding here or what ?!


I have guildmates owning 3k 5k of more diamond crates who were saving them for new
characters. Are you even aware of what you are saying. Trying to sell it to me as an „addition“ - shame on you

Please read the patch notes again. This applies only to the new Team & Role crates. Diamond Crates are not changing.

Therefore yes, it is a new addition.


I was mistaken - sorry - but to be honest:
I don’t trust Perblue - this may just be the preparation to be „added“ to diamond crates in the future…we will see :wink:

I remember you when this happens :blush:

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I previously stated this on the patch notes, but I’d like to say it again:

There’s no reason for the new crate to be an item. There is zero benefit to saving them, and thus there’s no reason to store them for later use. @Polaris, can you clarify why the team made this decision instead of just adding them to the other bought crates, like the gold and guild ones?

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Yes we got that…but now perblue has softened up rules (again) what hinders them to further “improve” other crates ? Open up diamond crates now and you will receive 10℅ 25% more content ?

Still not going meta - I see…

It’ll be a new reward they give out for contests and things that have no value to save. So instead of getting diamond crates, expect to see these come up as rewards. It makes diamond crates more valuable to sell on packages.

The only way this won’t be a play to make diamond crates more expensive and valuable would be if they greatly lower the cost of these new ones. But I don’t see that happening. In fact they could cost more “greater chance to receive the hero you want” so they could tack on extra cost with that in mind.

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