New Crossover Franchise: Disney Kids

I think I have a great idea for a new crossover franchise much like Disney Princesses and Disney Villains. Like Princesses, this one is aimed at at kids but this is one is for all kids. Introducing…

Disney Kids

What better way to teach kids that they are capable of great things better than kids. Much like it’s predecessors, this franchise is consisted of children from Disney’s Animation Canon and Pixar who have achieved extraordinary things teaching kids through example.

Rules of Inclusion

Much like the Princesses, Disney Kids has a series of simple guidelines in order to be included in the franchise. They are as followes:

  • Must be human or close to it

  • Must be in a film thats part of either the Disney Animation Canon or Pixar.

    • No sequels, TV shows or spinoffs
  • Must play a central role in their respective film

  • Must have either a sustainable fanbase or a significant presence within the Walt Disney Company

  • Must be within the age range of 8-15

  • No time-skips! Meaning that children that age up to either adult or teenager will not be included

Current Members

  • Pinocchio (Pinocchio)
  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
  • Wendy (Peter Pan)
  • Mowgli (The Jungle Book)
  • Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Dash (The Incredibles)
  • Violet (The Incredibles)
  • Russell (Up)
  • Vanellope (Wreck-it Ralph)
  • Hiro (Big Hero 6)
  • Miguel (Coco)
  • Luca (Luca)
  • Alberto (Luca)
  • Giulia (Luca)
  • Mirabel (Encanto)
  • Meilin (Turning Red)




Aright, change it from good box office amount to a significant fanbase

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How about Sofia The First?

Please read :point_down:t2:

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These rules are too hypersecific! I don’t know maybe add Lock, Shock and Barrel?

How? They seem pretty simple to me. You should see the Princess Guidlines.

Besides, Lock, Shock and Barrel are kind of the opposite of what I’m going for here.

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They are Disney kids in the Disney canon and they have a central role in the movie and they have fans!

True, they have a fanbase. But two major points stop them from joining.

  1. Despite being made under Disney’s name, The Nightmare Before Christmas is not part of the Disney animation canon. The Canon is as follows:
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Pinocchio
  • Fantasia
  • Dumbo
  • Bambi
  • Saludos Amigos
  • The Three Caballeros
  • Make Mine Music
  • Fun and Fancy Free
  • Melody Time
  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  • Cinderella
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Peter Pan
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Sword in the Stone
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Aristocats
  • Robin Hood
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • The Rescuers
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • The Black Cauldron
  • The Great Mouse Detective
  • Oliver and Company
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Aladdin
  • The Lion King
  • Pocahontas
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Hercules
  • Mulan
  • Tarzan
  • Fantasia 2000
  • Dinosaur
  • The Emperor’s New Groove
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Treasure Planet
  • Brother Bear
  • Home on the Range
  • Chicken Little
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Bolt
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Tangled
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Frozen
  • Big Hero 6
  • Zootopia
  • Moana
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Frozen II
  • Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Encanto
  • Strange World
  • Wish
  1. Equally as important is the fact that they are henchmen to Oogie Boogie. They may have redeemed themselves in the end of the film. But additional material shows them being back under Oogie’s thumb including DHBM. Disney Kids should encourage kids to do great things. And Lock, Shock and Barrel are not the best influence.
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I lost brain cells! You should allow TVA, Disney Jr, Muppets, Star Wars, Marvel, Blue Sky, Lucasfilm, Fox, and Touchstone Pictures characters you’re requirements are too strict and the fact that Disney kids is supposed to be a “positive influence” and we can’t have eviler children is so infuriating! I hope that the direct to dvd sequels count as apart of your very strict and unreasonable requirements!

Elena of Avalor is not considered an official Disney princess, and she’s from a Disney Jr. show. So I don’t see why Toon “should” include those characters, among the others you listed, here if not even Disney does that themselves.

Besides, this is ultimately Toon’s idea and design, so any rulings for what characters are included or excluded are up to him. You obviously don’t have to agree with them, per se, but if certain characters end up not being on the list as a result, then that’s that. You also don’t need to be so dramatic as to say things like “I lost brain cells!” about this.

And I, for one, think his rules make perfectly reasonable sense and are explained quite well.


What about Riley from inside out? She was 12 years old at the end of the movie.

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I’m being dramatic because I have truly never seen a set of rules that make as little sense as these!

What about these rules doesn’t make sense?


They feel very restrictive and limiting the potential of this concept!

The rules are not any more restrictive than the rules set for Disney Princesses, which must also be from Disney/Pixar films and play a central, heroic role in their films.


Yes that’s also restrictive and I think prominent female character that aren’t princesses like Esmeralda and Megara deserve to be in the group and characters like Sofia The First who is LITERALLY A PRINCESS and gets help by other princesses pretty frequently in her show!

Well, Blue Sky has closed down since Disney bought 20th Centruy. 20th Century, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Touchstone are aimed at more mature audiences and Muppets don’t really have that many major human characters to go off of.

Some TV shows are famous yes, but fame is rather elusive mistress in that line of business. It may be famous one minute, but as a showrunner, one must be aware of things that might tear it away from them such as quality going sour, new shows, and exposure of both over and under varieties among other things.

Meanwhile, movies are forever. I mean, how many people have you caught themselves watching their favorite movie on a loop? Honestly.

You do realize that Disney is a kid-friendly company, right? If they let like an evil princess in the offical disney princess line, it would send a bad message. The same would happen if i added someone like Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Now, if it were anti-villain like Namaari or Silver that had a good enough heel-face turn, then i can consider it.

Well, I could, but Riley, to me, serves more as a goal rather than a full-fleged character.

To Pixar, the key to a good story it’s all about…


See, even thought Riley is essential because… you know, without her, there would BE no story, i feel as though she presented more as a location or a goal as the spotlight is presented alot more on the emotions because Pixar wants us to see Riley’s turmoil from the emotions’ perspective.

Same goes for Andy from Toy Story. Andy is important to the story as a whole, but is presented more as a goal because again, Pixar wants to see Andy from the toys’ perspective.

Christopher Robin, on the other hand, is presented to be like a big brother to Pooh and the others actively helping out and joining in on Pooh’s adventures sometimes, thus giving him a more prominent role than the other two.

I hope tha makes that sense. Of course, that my opinion on Riley. So, take it or leave it.

The ones you should really be concerned about is the questionable ones i have mentioned before. :point_down: :point_down:

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Fine it’s your idea anyway I won’t complain about it anymore.

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