New emotions in lnside Out 2

With lnside Out 2 confirmed, who do you think the new emotions will be? And can they be added to the game in the future?

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Brains. The smart one

That’s not really an emotion…


Thinking is my emotion. When I am at school

Thinking is not an emotion. It is an action. :man_facepalming:


It is the only thing that is not shown in inside out the intelligence

Maybe sick wacky Looney and Cool

It’s like what I said, whatever.:thinking::cloud:

Maybe greed or anxiety might be new emotions

Maybe they’re not going to make new emotions at all. They are other concepts of the mind that is yet to be explored. Maybe they will make a character off of the intelligence, the ego, the conscience, and the id among other things.

“Carroll Izard identified ten primary emotions: fear, anger, shame, contempt, disgust, guilt, distress, interest, surprise, and joy —emotions that cannot be reduced to more basic emotions but that can be combined to produce other emotions.”

So there ya go. Shame, Contempt, Guilt, Interest, Distress, and Surprise are the new emotions.

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You forgot interest.

one of the only movies announced at D23 that I’m actually interested in. I feel like Pixar can really do so much with the franchise and I’m happy they are actually doing something with it.

I really hope one of the main plots of the movie is Riley questioning her sexuality, it’s such a common thing for teenagers nowadays but it’s so hard for movies to make it apart of the story, it would just make so much sense. and make teenagers understand it’s ok to not be sure of things as a teen.

the one problem I do have with the movie coming out is new emotions, it makes total sense obviously! and getting new emotions as you grow up is a great way to show growing up. but the parents only had 5 as well. and I know it’s a movie but still.

very excited to see the movie! and i really hope it turns out well.


What confirmed that they will be new emotions in the movie?

I know this might sound a bit weird but hear me out, what about love and emotions around that

Interest + Joy.

You can feel joy, anger, fear, etc. How do you feel thinking…?

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I think calm or calmness can be an emotion, like the feeling of inner peace :-).

Not sure how likely Calm is to be an character emotion in Inside Out 2, but it is a viable emotion for the movie in my view who feel the emotion of calm the most.

I think calmness can be described as “Joy on Autopilot.” Calmness is a very passive, serene form of low-level happiness.

I feel like this would be a great opportunity for Pixar to bring back some of the emotions that didn’t make the cut when they were working on the first Inside Out. I remember hearing about one called “Preston” who was supposed to represent pride (apparently Pixar had at one point considered giving all the emotion characters human names, which I’m glad they didn’t stick with because it would’ve been weird), and his whole personality was that he was really arrogant all the time.

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