New Friend Land Ideas Part 9

Hello everyone, Today I will show you, Ren & Stimpy, Yoshi, Rabbid Yoshi, and A Poll Results character, Mr. GoldTooth.

Ren & Stimpy

Glitch Creep
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Basic Attack: Ren throws a log from blammo while Stimpy Slaps an enemy.
Stimpy: Happy Happy Happy, Joy Joy Joy.
Ren: Be quiet You Idiot.

Entrance: they float to their position do a butt bump, then Ren gets on Stimpy’s Back.
Victory: They do the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance.
Defeat: Ren gets off Stimpy’s Back then slaps and shakes him.

:shield: White Skill: First Fart: Ren picks up Stimpy for 5.0 seconds, if Enemies attacks them while they are using this skill, Stimpy will asorb the damage to release a fart, he can asorb up to 8 Enemies attacks, dealing damage over time and blinds Enemies for 6.0 seconds, This skill will not work if Enemies are not attacking Stimpy.

Blinding has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:fist: Green Skill: Back Off You Beast: Ren slams Stimpy in front of Enemies, Dealing Damage and Stuns Them for 4.0 seconds, if Enemies are already Stun they will increase the Stunning Rate.

Stunning and Increasing Stun Rate has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Blue Skill: You Bloated Idiot!!: Back Off You Beast will also knock back Enemies and gives them a shield.

:sparkles: Purple Skill: History Eraser: when Ren & Stimpy reach to 0% of their Max HP, Stimpy pushes the big red botton, making an explosion lifting them to the back of the Battlefield, Healing them over time and Deals Damage and Blinds Enemies for 7.0 seconds.

Blinding has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Red Skill: Happy Happy Joy Joy: Ren & Stimpy will deal Bounus damage to Stunned or blind Enemies when using First Fart, they gain 2 stacks of Hardy when using History Eraser and knock back Enemies.


CatDog: Dynamic Squad: Ren, Stimpy, and CatDog head to the park when creeps invaded, they had to take them down: Ren & Stimpy deal Bounus true damage to Stunned Enemies when using Back Off You Beast.

Allies: Tom & Jerry Coco & Poliwag, Duck Hunt Duo.

Rabbid Yoshi: Crazy Animals: The Duo and Rabbid Yoshi Throws a crazy party at the park: Stimpy can asorb up to 10 Enemies attacks and deal Bounus fantastic damage to blinded Enemies when using First Fart.

Allies: Dreamcatcher, King Louie, Heheheel.


Glitch Creep

Role: Damage
Position: Front
Yoshi Yoshi
Trail Team: Red
Basic Attack: Punches three times.
Entrance: simply walks.
Victory: Jumps up with his hands in the air.
Defeat: Falls then turns into an egg.


:fist:White Skill: Bottoms Away: Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump and slams down in the middle of Enemies, Knocking them back does X Damage.

:sparkles:Green skill: Egg Roll: in each wave in battle, Yoshi transforms into an egg and rolls, doing damage to enemies.

:shield:Blue skill: Hit On The Head: Yoshi Dodges a basic attack and slams his head to enemies and making them silence them for 8.0 seconds.

Silence has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.

Purple skill: Ride Along: Yoshi does more damage to silence Enemies.

Red Skill: Dinosaur age: When Yoshi is using Hit on the head, He steels reality and also Silence Enemies longer, after using Hit on the head, Yoshi boost up his Basic Damage, Skill Power, Speed, and gives everyone armor.


Rex: A Dinosaur Way: Yoshi gain more energy and boost up his Basic attack. Yoshi and Rex explore The Life of the Dinosaur.

Allies: Rabbid Yoshi, Sid the Sloth, Helioptile.

Hal & Bubbles: Green Is Nature True Color: Hal and Bubbles shows Yoshi Nature, and the food chain. When Yoshi is using Egg Roll, Bottoms Away, and Ride Along; Yoshi increase speed and reality.

Allies: Russell & Kevin, Anne Boonchuy, Crash Bandicoot

Rabbid Yoshi

Glitch Creep

Role: Control
Position: Back
Trail Team: Red
Basic attack: fires his blaster up to 3 times to a single enemy.
Entrance: hops to his position then spit out his blaster.
Victory: jumps up and down happy like.
Defeat: drops his Blaster and Screams.

:fist:White skill: Blasterama: Rabbid Yoshi blasts Enemies until his Energy bar is gone, does damage and stuns them.
Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:sparkles:Green skill: Ducky Bomber: Rabbid Yoshi throws his duck bomb to enemies, doing damage and knocks them back.

Blue skill: BWAHHHH: Rabbid Yoshi screams, Scary near by enemies.

Purple skill: Rabbid time: Rabbid Yoshi gains more energy when using Ducky bomber.

Red Skill: Goofy Yet Crazy: Rabbid Yoshi will steel reality when using BWAHHHH, each time he scares Enemies, he will gain a Stack of Hardy, Enemies will be Stun for 6.0 seconds when Rabbid Yoshi performs Duck Bomber and when he use BWAHHHH, the remaining cold down of Duck Bomber is reduce to 0.


Calavera: Try Bwahing Along: Calavera and Rabbid Yoshi try to be friends after Rabbid Yoshi help Mario save the Mushroom Kingdom: Rabbid Yoshi give an Ally a Shield when using Blasterama.

Allies: Duck Hunt Duo, Jane Willoughby, Dreamcatcher.

Yoshi: Fire Up You Blaster: Yoshi and Rabbid Yoshi head straight to the arcade, when very strong creeps invaded the two got theirself ready for battle: Rabbid Yoshi gives more energy to himself and an Ally when using his Basic Attack.

Allies: Hal & Bubbles, CatDog, Helioptile

Mr. GoldTooth

Glitch Creep

Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trial Team: Blue
Basic Attack: he fires his mini cannon.
The world will belong to Captain Long Beak, The Doom Gangsters, and us Pirates.
Entrance: he walks to his position then pulls out a sword.
Victory: His rise his sword.
Defeat: he throws his sword then yells at the Enemies.

:shield: White Skill: Blasto:
Passive: when using this skill, he pulls out another cannon for the rest of the battlefield until he uses this Skill again.

Active: GoldTooth summons a huge cannon and fires it, deal damage to Enemies and Knocks them back.

Green Skill: Pirate Support: GoldTooth summons a Pirabbid to assist him, he can summon up to 5 Pirabbids to fight.

:fist: Blue Skill: Snake Back: GoldTooth calls a Clonerate of Kaa to push back Enemies, Dealing Damage, Knocks them back and Stuns Them for 7.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Purple Skill: Evil First Mate: GoldTooth deals extra damage to Stunned Enemies and will increase the Stunning Rate when using Snake Back.

Red Skill: Villain Pirates: Pirabbids have a Shield when GoldTooth using Pirate Support, if the shield is destroyed, All Pirabbids go Berserk for 4.0 seconds, GoldTooth gains a Shield and Attack Speed when using Snake Back.


Captain Long Beak: Pirate Recruiting: Captain Long Beak Assigns GoldTooth to catch Rabbids and turn them into Pirabbids.: GoldTooth gives all Pirabbids Attack Speed and Armor for 6.0 seconds each time he uses Pirate Support.

Allies: Wing Blades, Syndrome, Mr. JimJack

Crashi & Flamingo: Crazy Hard Catch: Mr. GoldTooth is assigned to capture Crashi & Flamingo and make a Clonerate out of them, but has a hard time catching them.: if a Pirabbid gets KOed, it will pull out a Bob-omb which explodes, deals damage to any nearby Enemies, if GoldTooth summons another Pirabbid while 5 Pirabbids are on the battlefield, one will automatically pull out a Bob-omb then disappear.

Allies: Mr. Springrate, Zweilords, Dreamkiller

That’s all folks I will be back next week to give you Friend Land Information about the most Evil most threatening Villains, The Doom Gangsters.

Here’s a picture of them

Until then goodbye :slightly_smiling_face:

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