New game features


I know I know what’s the use of more campaign but hear me out, how about a new campaign feature named encounters it’s a side campaign it starts at team level 80 where our heroes tackle creeps and the citizens of the city revolting there will be three types of levels in it.
Types of levels:

  1. Shields up: in this only shield heroes are only allowed to fight. Storyline the heroes need to fend of riots as after a recent creep surge upsets citizens of the city.
  2. Encounters: the heroes fight new creeps apart from the usual place ones(problem creep Nemo who stuns heroes by glitching fish mob and more) and get warrant posters.
  3. Protect: our heroes need to protect the people and key places in the city as they were deputized by bogo, Woody and Nick after a wild night of fighting off creeps, only tanks allowed.*mercs can be hired in this campaign
    Rewards: gold, purple badge bits and guild badge bits!
    Guild badges are found by contests and encounter campaign and can used to decorate guild and can be sold for war mmr, guild influence and invasion tokens for guild. Beware badges can be stolen by other guilds in heist war!
    Encounter warrant posters : storyline Nick is out to get all the warrants done as the missions are completed he collects as memrobelia. These posters can be used getting certain power ups!
    Heist wars: guilds Duke it out to keep precious guild badges!
    Give more suggestions and ideas!

Ok, interesting ideas.


It’s interesting but I don’t like the idea of having something to trade for MMR since that effects who you’re matched with, or also the idea of other guilds being able to steal something your guild worked hard for. What would the stipulations be that other guilds can’t steal it?


Hey good idea about mmr but I was thinking about trick perks. You could help to make this idea better all of you guys out there


Maybe a new crate could be cool

I have a idea for a new crate, does anyone want to here it?


Yes!!! Welcome to forums, hope you stay forever!!


Welcome 2 the forums @Memester!


Weclome @Memester! Hope you stay FOREVER!


@Memester let hear it

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@Memester welcome to the forum & yes let’s hear your idea!


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