New hero request

hi i think it would be super cool if we could add star wars and marvel characters since disney owns them now! also phineas and ferb and perry the platypus and dr doofensmirtz should be in the game too:)

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I agree with the Phineas and Ferb characters, but Marvel and Star Wars already have their own mobile app fighting game.

I want Phineas and freb tbh
But the


Can’t be added because pb wants only disney.I
But they are good ideas

Star Wars can never join this game. I love love to finally have a mobile game where I can play as a Seperatist battle Droid as they are the TRUE heroes of the Clone Wars with the Clones being neutral, I’m not going to explain the plot. Disney did not make Star Wars, they only own it, so Star Wars is not a Disney IP, it is only owned by Disney like Family Guy & a bunch of other things.

Perblue doesn’t take requests I think

They see them and might use them.

They should add Disney Ride characters like Constance Hatchetway and Madam Leota from haunted mansion. Scarlet from pirates of the Caribbean. Figment and Dreamfinder from world of Imaginatiom. It would also be cool to see Kingdom Heart characters like Sora, Riku, Xion and Axel. Maybe some classic movie characters like Pete’s dragon and Weebo and flubber.


figment would be awesome tbh

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Maybe they can do the yeti from Everest, the hatbox ghost, and maybe br’er fox,

i may actually do a figment concept later

I might do a figment also, already did a hatbox

They should add Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Benny the Cab. It would be cool to have Power Rangers like Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm. Wayne Szalinski From Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

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I would like to see Kari

I would like to see Monogram and Carl from Phineas and Ferb.

Rizzo the Rat in DHBM, anyone?
I thought if they do add him in DHBM, his other fellow rats could be non-playable summons and his friendships would be Gonzo and Animal.

If they add the Swedish chef his skills could include them

Phineas, Ferb, Doof, Perry, and Isabella and her Fireside Girls troop would be a perfect fit for the game. Maybe Candace would fit too with a Support role tbh.

I would like to see the other hero’s from Big Hero 6, Fred, Wasabi, GoGo, Honeylemon, as well as Ian and Barley from Onward

I would enjoy seeing sweetums and robin from the muppets as a duo.
Then Kermit, Kim, Anna, and perry

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Any particular friendships you had in mind for Sweetums and Robin when they do become playable characters in DHBM?

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