New Hero Usage

Bellow everyone! I have started seeing usage in the following heroes in arena, and I am wondering if they are good.
1: Helga Sinclair
2: Demona
3: Olaf
4: John Silver
If so, what are the things needed for these heroes to be good (ex. max red skill, disks)


Anti Quick Fight strategy.


Could you elaborate?


They just use them to make the fight longer…

Out of them, Helga is pretty good, and Olaf is alright in certain teams. Demona and Silver aren’t that good, not awful but I wouldn’t recommend them unless you really know what you’re doing.


In Challenger leagues, most bonus points are awarded for finishing the fight within 4 seconds, and that bonus rapidly decreases to zero by about, um, 12 seconds I think? Anyway, the longer it takes other players to beat your team, the fewer points they get. So many players, especially in the higher divisions of Challenger play during the second half of the season, will put in heroes that take several seconds to KO even under the best of circumstances, even if those heroes don’t otherwise help their team. That’s why you see Hades everywhere in Challenger leagues.

If you’re not in a Challenger league, then making the fight longer doesn’t matter, and what you’re seeing is probably people copying higher-ranked teams without understanding why people are choosing those heroes.

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I’m actually looking at the top 3 arena teams.

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Well, Demona won’t die unless she’s the last one standing, and upgrades to a stronger weapon after reviving twice, so that’s a plus. And Helga uses her purple skill after losing all her health, but if she gets healed before the animation completes, she’ll get back on her feet and resume the fight.

So I’d say that having a good healer would help those two. The others I don’t use myself, so I wouldn’t know.

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