New heroes concept

The last days, I’ve been reading about all the heroes you want people at DHBM. And some of your ideas really inspired me. So I decided to create this concept and every day to add some new character concepts at the replies. So, by starting from Wednesday 17th of July, I will try to upload every day at least one hero. So the first heroes I will upload are… Drums please…:drum::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:
Jasmine & Rajah

Just wait…
Are you ready for it?


These aren’t concepts. These are requests. And don’t do concepts once a day. It is just spam

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Lol that’s a random duo Antman And Bambi! But I love it and can’t wait plus the jafar And jasmine we’re great!

@Cookie101 thanks, and you’ll have to be prepared that not all characters would be from the same movie. They could be different. “Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warned ya” - (Taylor Swift).:grin::wink: And thank u very much for ur good words. Stay tuned to see Ant-Man and Bambi tomorrow.


Nicely done. I would also like to see Jafar and Jasmine in the game.


@LilRubyKinz me too. Stay tuned to see the next characters tomorrow.


Just to give you some tips:

  • Don’t choose a very minor reference to choose as skill (Like in Jasmine’s A Whole New World)
  • Choose a skill that the hero really owns. Like in Jafar’s Cave of Wonders, he doesn’t own the Cave of Wonders nor the scarabs.
  • I think dizzying means stunning. Take note of that.
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A Two-Star, Frontline, Damage Hero

Source: Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Info: Scott Lang Aka Ant-Man is a former criminal that proves that good heroes are in small size

Quote: “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Ant-Man grows from nowhere

Basic Attack: Ant-Man punches his enemies

Victory: Ant-Man makes thumbs up

Defeat: Ant-Man shrinks himself

White Skill: Into The Hive

Ant-Man uses his insect-manipulation powers to call a massive wave of ants that passes all the enemies, knocking them back and dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Pym Particle Disc
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Ant-Man throws a red particle disk in the closest enemy shrinking him for 10.0 seconds and dealing X damage per second, for as long as he remains shrinked.

The shrink has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Blue Skill: Huge Target
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Ant-Man becomes huge and hits his feet to the ground dealing X damage to the front line opponents and bugging one of them for 9.0 seconds.

Bugged enemies take X% more damage from Ant-Man’s team.

The bug has a reduced action against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Ant’s Strength

All Ant-Man’s attacks deal X% extra damage.

Red Skill: A Hero’s Size

Once in every wave, Ant-Man becomes small for 10.0 seconds. His attack and move speed are decreased by X% and his attacks deal half the damage but his allies’ attack and move speed are increased by X% and their attacks deal double damage, for as long as Ant-Man remains small.


"Huge Party", “Pym Particle Disc” stun enemies for 5 seconds.
+X% extra basic damage
+Bug lasts 2.0 seconds more
Allies: Gizmoduck, Hiro Hamada, Captain America

"Size Manipulation", “Into The Hive” decreases the enemies’ attack and movement speed by X% for 3.0 seconds.
+“Into The Hive” heals Ant-Man for X HP.
+‘Pym Particle Disc’ steals X energy
Allies: Stitch, Aladdin, Finnick

A One-Star, Midline, Support Hero

Source: Bambi

Info: Bambi is sweetheart, little deer who’s ready to be there for his friends whenever they need him, no matter what.

Quote: “What happened mother? Why did we all run?”

Trial Team: Blue

Entrance: Bambi walks happy, shaking his head and stops scared when he sees the battlefield.

Basic Attack: Bambi hits the closest enemy with his front legs.

Victory: A butterfly flies over Bambi’s head and he looks happy at her.

Defeat: Bambi slowly lows his head sad.

White Skill: Butterfly?

A butterfly flies over Bambi, healing him for X HP.

Green Skill: Birds, Birds, Birds

A flock of blue, little birds fly all over Bambi’s allies healing them for X HP.

Blue Skill: Icy Fun

Bambi hits his front legs to the ground and creates ice under one of his enemies, slowing him down for 9 seconds.

Purple Skill: The Prince Of The Forest

At the start of every wave, Bambi’s father pass through Bambi and his team jumping, shielding them for 10 seconds.


Bambi/Bo Peep
"Part Of The Flock", “Birds, Birds, Birds” heals Bambi’s allies with 6% extra HP.
+10% extra HP in “Butterfly?”
Allies: Sulley & Boo, Merida, Joy

Bambi/Judy Hopps
"Self-protection Education Program", “Icy Fun” deals X damage to the slowed enemy
+X% extra basic damage
+Shield lasts 2 more seconds


@Wailord, thanks for the tips… :wink:


Honey Lemon
A Two-Star, Backline, Control Hero

Source: Big Hero 6

Info: It’s elemental when it comes to chemistry with Honey Lemon. She may be as sweet as her namesake, but she has a fire in her belly and a can-do attitude that make her pretty much unstoppable.

Quote: “I believe the world can be made into a happier, and much brighter place, through the thorough application of nature’s toolbox—chemistry!”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Honey Lemon throws a chem-ball with cushioning foam and falls from the sky.

Basic attack: Honey Lemon throws exploding chem-balls to the closest enemy.

Victory: Honey Lemon jumps happy in the air.

Defeat: Chem-balls fall from Honey Leon’s hands.

White Skill: That’s A Chemical Reaction
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Honey Lemon throws a red chem-ball in the middle of her enemies that explodes dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Don’t Rush

Honey Lemon throws a yellow chem-ball with hardening foam to the closest enemy, slowing him down for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill: Chill Out

Honey Lemon throws a blue chem-ball to the front line enemies, freezing them for 7 seconds.

The freeze has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: Chemi-flage

At the start of every wave, Honey Lemon throws a purple chem-ball to herself and turns invisible for 10 seconds.

Red Skill: Chemistry Of The Things

Every 5 moves, Honey Lemon takes a chemball and gets ready to throw it but it explodes in her hand, releasing a colorful smoke, healing Honey Lemon for X HP.


Honey Lemon/The Mad Hatter
"Chemical Tea Party", “Don’t Rush” heals Honey Lemon for X HP.
+“Chill Out” deals X damage per second to frozen enemies
Allies: Judy Hopps, Vanellope, Jessie

Honey Lemon/Violet
"Supers In Action", “That’s A Chemical Reaction” stuns enemies for 5 seconds.
+“Chemi-flage” lasts 2 seconds more
Allies: Buzz Lightyear, Ant-Man, Maui

Go Go Tomago
A Two-Star, Midline, Damage Hero
Source: Big Hero 6

Info: Go Go Tomago knows what it takes to be fast. She’s tough, athletic, and loyal to the bone. Popping bubble gum and delivering well-placed sarcasm are totally her speed.

Quote: “There are no red lights during car chases!”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Go Go comes fast in the battle with her maglev skates.

Basic Attack: Go Go hits the enemies with the maglev discs in her hands.

Victory: Go Go makes a bubble with her gum

Defeat: Go Go loses her balance and falls to the ground

White Skill: Fast Enough

Go Go runs across the battlefield for 10 seconds and hits the enemies with her maglev discs dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Maglev Tackle
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Go Go tackles her closest enemy, stunning him for 6.0 seconds and dealing X damage.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Throw The Disc

Go Go sends one of her maglev discs among her enemies knocking them back and dealing X damage.

Purple Skill: Quick Heal

“Maglev Tackle” and “Throw The Disc” heal Go Go by X HP.

Red Skill: Do It Quick

Every Go Go’s attack deal X% extra damage.


Go Go Tomago/Honey Lemon
"Get The Blur", “Throw The Disc” slows down enemies for 5 seconds
+“Quick Heal” grants X% extra HP.
+“Quick Heal” grants shield to the weakest ally
Allies: Violet, Kevin Flynn, Duke Caboom

Go Go Tomago/Dash
"Ready To Race", When Go Go stops “Fast Enough” deals X damage per second to all her enemies for 6.0 seconds.
+X% extra basic damage
+Go Go’s team starts every wave with attack and movement speed increased by X% for 4.0 seconds.
Allies: Candace, Quora, Gizmoduck


@CaptainAmerica02 can you stop making 2 concept a day? It rushes you and you can’t make really good concepts easily. Twice a week is fine but 2 concepts daily? That’s 14 characters a week!

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Maybe you’re right. The 2-day special Big Hero concept ends on Monday and after that I will make concepts every Wednesday and Friday. Thank u…


I think that Jasmine and Jafar are both awesome ideas. I have wished it since Aladdin and Genie came to the game.


I’m still confused why AntMan and Bambi were paired together

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@SpiderHog, Simple luck. No special reason. Both favorite characters. More different characters are coming. They won’t be always from the same movie

A Two-Star, Front-line, Damage Hero

Source: Big Hero 6

Info: Wasabi is committed to precision. He’s super smart and just a touch neurotic, but the big and burly neatnik can’t help but help whoever need him

Quote: “I have a system: there’s a place for everything, everything in its place.”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Wasabi falls from the sky and lands on his feet.

Basic Attack: Wasabi attacks with his plasma blades.

Victory: Wasabi stands and smiles happy.

Defeat: Wasabi turns off his plasma blades and sits to the ground.

White Skill: Blade Fusion
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Wasabi moves his plasma blades fast, up and down for 10 seconds dealing X damage to the closest enemies.

Green Skill: Plasma Uppercut
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Wasabi hits the strongest enemy with an uppercut with his plasma blades dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Plasma Shield

Wasabi increases his skill power by X% and gains a plasma ray shield for himself and his allies for 8.0 seconds.

Purple Skill: Everything’s In Place

Whenever an enemy attacks to someone shielded by Wasabi, he takes X damage.

Red Skill: Hero’s Power

Every Wasabi’s damage move, deals X% extra damage.


"Bot Job", “Plasma Uppercut” stuns the enemies for 2.0 seconds.
+X% extra damage in "Plasma uppercut
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Baymax, Nick Wilde, EVE

"The Best Knife", “Plasma Shield” last 3.0 seconds more.
+“Everything’s In Place” decreases the enemies’ attack and movement speed by X% for 5.0 seconds.
+‘Plasma Uppercut’ deals X damage per second for 3.0 seconds.
Allies: Quora, Yax, Kevin Flynn

A Two-Star, Front-line, Tank Hero
Source: Big Hero 6

Info: Fred comes off like a laid-back dude with no direction. But this sign-twirling, monster-loving, comic-book aficionado is sure to go places—when he’s good and ready.

Quote: “The name’s Fred; school mascot by day, but by night… I’m also the school mascot.”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Fred falls from the sky and lands on his feet

Basic Attack: Fred hits the enemies with his claws.

Victory: Fred spins an advertising sign

Defeat: Fred uses his suits’ ejectable sit to leave the battle and his suit dissappears

White Skill: Fire Breath

Fred uses his fire breath to shoot a fireball to his enemies dealing X damage per second for 12.0 seconds.

Green Skill: Kicking Monster

Fred kicks the closest enemy knocking him back and dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Hot Staff

Whenever Fred uses ‘Fire Breath’, he gains shield and increases the reality by X% for himself or one of his allies for 8.0 seconds

Purple Skill: Smokescreen

At the start of every wave, Fred generates a cloud of smoke, making himself invisible for 15.0 seconds.

Red Skill: The School Mascot

Whenever Fred uses ‘Kicking Monster’, his enemies’ reality is decreased by X% for 9.0 seconds.


"The Big Trick", Shields lasts 3.0 seconds more.
+"Fire Breath blinds enemies for 2.0 seconds.
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Jack Skellington, Spider-Man, Duke Caboom

Fred/Darkwing Duck
"Night Monster", When shields from ‘Hot Staff’ break or end, they increase the attack speed by X for 5.0 seconds.
+“Kicking Monster” deals X% extra damage
+“Fire Breath” stuns enemies for 3.0 seconds.
Allies: Frozone, Kevin Flynn, Mike Wazowski


Dumbo & Timothy Mouse
A One-Star, Midline, Tank Pair

Source: Dumbo

Info: Dumbo, the only flying elephant, will fly everywhere to protect his friend. With the guidance of his mentor and friend, Timothy Mouse, Dumbo is ready to fly.

Quote: “The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up!”

Trial Team: Yellow

Entrance: Dumbo flies with Timothy in his hat and they softly land in the ground

Basic Attack: Dumbo shoots peanuts from his trunk.

Victory: Dumbo lifts from the ground

Defeat: Dumbo shakes a white flag with his trunk

White Skill: When I see an elephant fly

Dumbo flies once among his enemies, knocking them back and dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Scary little mouse

Dumbo straights his trunk and Timothy goes closer scaring his enemies for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Pink elephants

A pink elephant passes among Dumbo and his team, healing them for X HP.

Purple Skill: Magic feather

At the start of every wave, Dumbo flies once among his enemies, slowing them down for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: The elephant around

“Pink elephants” increases the team’s attack and move speed.


Dumbo & Timothy/Bambi
"Happy Mother’s Day", “Pink elephants” heal the team with X% extra HP.
+“Magic feather” increases Dumbo’s and his team’s speed for 8 seconds.
Allies: Judy Hopps, Merida, Violet

Dumbo & Timothy/Alice
"Curious Wonders", “When I see an elephant fly” stuns enemies for 5 seconds.
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Megara, Elsa, Jasmine

Captain America
A Three-Star, Frontline, Tank Hero

Source: Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Info: Steve Rogers Aka Captain America is the greatest hero of America, ready to protect innocent people from Hydra and any other threat, even if it means to sacrifice his own life.

Quote: “I’m not looking for forgiveness, and I’m way past asking for permission.”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Captain America rides his motorcycle.

Basic Attack: Captain America punches his enemies.

Victory: Captain America raises his shield.

Defeat: Captain America puts his shield on his back.

White Skill: Shield Thrown
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Captain America throws his shield among his enemies, knocking them back, stunning them for and dealing X damage per second for 6.0 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Shield Hit

Captain America hits the closest enemy with his shield, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: I Don’t Like Bullies

Captain America raises his shield, healing the weakest ally by X HP.

Purple Skill: All Day!

Whenever Captain America uses ‘Shield Hit’, he gains shield for himself for 7.0 seconds.

Red Skill: America’s Hero
Every time Captain America is healed, he gains invincibility for 5.0 seconds.


Captain America/Hercules
"Human Strength", “Shield Hit” heals Captain America for X HP.
+Shields lasts 2.0 seconds more
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Chief Bogo, Flynn Rider, Shank

Captain America/Mr. Incredible
"Heroes’ Businesses, “Shield Thrown” deals X% extra damage
+Stunning lasts 3 seconds more
+“I Don’t Like Bullies” heals X% more HP
Allies: Wasabi, Maui, Calhoun


Tbh I’ve never thought dumbo would be a Tank but cool👍

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He’s a flying 2-TONE elephant…

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A One-Star, Backline, Control Hero

Source: Kim Possible

Info: Shego, although working as a minion of Dr. Dragen, she is more evil and stronger than he is in his little finger. She is ready to fight whoever stands her way and she won’t hesitate to make them regret it.

Quote: “I am EVIL! Have I made myself clear?”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Shego walks the battle and turns her energy on

Basic Attack: Shego uses her powered-on nails to scratch her enemies.

Victory: Shego blows and turns off the energy from her hands

Defeat: Shego gets angry and hits her feet to the ground

White Skill: Generation

Shego generates her green energy and shoots a green fireball to her enemies dealing X damage

Green Skill: Energy tied-up

Shego uses her energy to tie an opponent for 8 seconds stealing from him X HP per second.

Blue Skill: Whipped out

Shego creates a green energy whip and uses it to knock the closest opponent to the back and stun him for 6 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Clean energy

Once in every battle, when Shego reaches 0 HP uses her energy, revives and gains a shield for herself for 10 seconds.


"A Sweet Fan", “Generation” stuns enemies for 7 seconds.
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Ursula, Tia Dalma, Jafar

"Toxic as possible", “Energy Tied-up” steals X% more HP.
+Shield last 3 seconds more.
+The stun lasts 2 seconds more
Allies: Wasabi, Ralph, Elsa

Scarlet Witch
A Two-Star, Midline, Control Hero
Source: Marvel’s Avengers

Info: Notably powerful, Wanda Maximoff Aka. Scarlet Witch has fought both against and with the Avengers, attempting to hone her abilities and do what she believes is right to help the world.

Quote: “You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?”

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Scarlet Witch comes flying to the battle

Basic Attack: Scarlet Witch shoots red psionic energy to her enemies.

Victory: Scarlet Witch smiles and crosses her arms

Defeat: Scarlet Witch falls exhausted on her knees

White Skill: Miracle!
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage

Scarlet Witch unleashes a wave of red psionic energy to her enemies, dealing X damage and cursing them for 9 seconds.

The curse has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Creating Diversion

Scarlet Witch uses her tilecinetic powers to throw a car to the backline enemies, stunning them for 8 seconds.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Mind Control

Scarlet Witch uses her mind control powers charming her enemies for 7 seconds.

The charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Focus

Every three attacks, Scarlet Witch uses her psionic powers to heal herself for X HP and gain shield for herself or the weakest allie for 8 seconds.

Red Skill: Known Witch

Scarlet Witch deals X% extra damage with every attack.


Scarlet Witch/Merlin
"Magic Users", Stunning deals X damage
+Cursing lasts 2 seconds more
+X% extra basic damage
Allies: Shank, Megara, Fred

Scarlet Witch/Captain America
"Mentor, Trainor And Friend", “Focus” shields herself and the weakest allie too
+X% extra HP in every healing
+Shield heals for X HP per second, as long as the shield is on.
Allies: Wasabi, Vanellope, Robin Hood

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