New Heroes For The Next Update

So guys, I think they should at Pinocchio. That would be very cool and I too love the idea.

Pinocchio’s Powers:

White: Got No Strings:
Pinnochio will tap dance around teammates to heal them while damaging enemies with a power of 1224.

Green: Tell A Little Lie.

Tell A Little Lie will make Pinocchio’s nose grow long, then, Jimmity Cricket runs on his nose a smashes enemies with his umbrella, dealing 2334.

Blue: Poking Parry

Poking Parry will make Pinocchio’s nose Stretch out to enemies while pushing them back so long range heroes like Peter Pan, can swoop in a eliminate one or two enemies dealing 3542.

Purple: Im A Real Boy

Im A Real Boy will make Pinnochio a real boy whilst the Blue Fairy spins around him while healing him. It will also make him shout “I’m A Real Boy!” Dealing 5667 damage.

Orange: Donkey Boys

Donkey Boys will make the donkey boys from Pleasure Island come and ram the enemies by whistling and pointing to the enemy, dealing 12234 damage.

Three things.

  1. Welcome to the forums
  2. If this is a concept, put it on hero concept
  1. There is no orange skill, but there is a red skill.

Yeah, @PepsiFan25, but good job putting it together.

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