New Heroes suggestions

I’ll love Disney Heroes game to bring in these heroes… I love the roles and their services will gladly be needed in this game.
They are;

  1. Abu, Aladdin’s monkey as his sidekick
  2. Queen Elinor and her ability to turn into a bear
  3. Anna
  4. Tinkerbell
  5. Fa Mulan and Mushu
  6. Tiana
  7. Mufasa
  8. Minnie Mouse
  9. Gothel
  10. Quasimodo
  11. Mowgli
  12. Baloo

Any other suggestion is welcome.


Tinkerbell is unlikely, cause she is a part of Peter Pan’s green skill. All others…Time will tell.


Well, of all the mentioned, Mulán and Mushu are the most probable to come

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I am waiting Mufasa, Anna
and Pete

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Pete is nice :laughing:

Disney characters that appeared in Kingdom Hearts seems to be easy to implement because there is a battle scene :laughing:

I want Zero of Nightmare Before Christmas, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, Turtle Crush of Nemo.

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Yeah, i almost forgot about 'em…Pete, Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio. I love 'em too

Does the system notice these suggestions? And what will become of it?

Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Forky and some Miracolous characters would be great.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some of the Disney classics in there? Like Kim Possible as one hero and Ron Stoppable and Rufus and another!

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I would also really like to see Bolt

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Welcome Disney_Queen_Liz, yeah i guess your suggestions are very good. Waiting to see these characters too

Wait didn’t notice that it was your topic sorry

Damn why I didn’t think about them?

They need to add the mad doctor
. image

We need Edna Mode, Lumiere and Yesss.

I want Little John. How about a friend mission with Baroo?

They need to add king candy!

I would like these heros consider to add

  1. Ariel with her two friends Sebastian and flounder put them how Nemo is with his friends

  2. Aurora from sleeping beauty

  3. Eric from the little mermaid

  4. Snow White from Snow White and the seven dwarfs

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