New Monsters Inc saga suggestions

I like this game but I found it sad that the Monsters Inc character are very limited to 3, Mikey, Sully and Randall
But I think I have some strong suggestions

1Dean hardscrabble (Monster university)
Strongest attack, she flies over enemy team and scare them (like she did in the movie multiple times)
2 Number 1/Roz (Monsters Inc.)
Strongest attack, she sends her yellow suited troops to the enemy team
3 Henry J. Waternoose (Monsters Inc.)
Strongest attack, he pushes the strongest enemy trough the metal door (like he kinda did in the movie expect he used Randall’s help in this situation he has to do it himself)
4 Tylor Tuskmon (Monsters at work)
Strongest attack, the automatic vending machine he broke spits drinks out to the enemy team
5 Yeti/Bigfoot (Monsters inc/Monsters at work)
Strongest attack, he throws snowballs he made or he slides on that snowmobile Sully build and destroyed
6 Don Carlton with Squishy(Monsters University)
Strongest attack, the OK Ritual Slap, I just said with Squishy cause it makes sence 1 monster inc hero uses a secondary character( Boo doesn’t count cause she stays on sully’s back the whole time)

Those are my 6 character suggestions from Monsters inc. saga so from the 2 movies and Disney+ serie

And yeah i know that for most I forgot 2 characters, Celia and Fungus, but it might be to much to ask for so much heroes, also I have no idea what their attacks wil be Celia is to friendly and Fungus is weak and afraid of Randall

From other movies I like the Incredibles, my second strongest hero is Dash but sadly he dies to easily even at hugh level, but if protected with shield and speed from Animal he can do loads of damage super fast, and the only character I miss is
1 Edna Mode
Strongest attack, She scream No Cape towards the enemy team, it will damage but if they wear a cape the damage is very high I counted 15 heroes with capes

From jungle book I like the
1 Shere Khan
Strongest attack, influence the team especially if you use Tigger or Jasmine then Shere Khan makes them stronger (just the Tiger attacks from Jazemin), and well her strength itself her punches and jumps

I know Mowgli will never become a character cause it’s just a 5 year old boy in his underwear and I respect that fully that he will be kept out of the game as a character I know he has badge tokens but that’s enough imo,
Other movies I have no idea at the moment

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