New player could use some advice

Hey there :slight_smile:

I just started to play the game like a week ago, and having trouble finding the best team comp and who to focus on. If you guys can give me any good advice on that would be really helpful :slight_smile:



What Server are you on? That might help us with Heroes you currently have on your Server.

I heard that Duke Caboom and D&B are very powerful, so you might want to invest in them…

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Thanks for the quick reply, I am on server 19 :slight_smile:

Yes, any hero you see featured in patch notes (like Timon&pumbaa and Peter Pan are now) are 100% worth working on.

Hello! I’m also in S19 and here’s the current situation:

  • OP damagers such as Duke Caboom and Ducky & Bunny dominates the damage line. 90% of players use Duke and D&B so you might want to upgrade and use them.
  • Shielding is also popular in S19, so Goofy is currently the best tank and he can be unbeatable when paired with Violet.
  • Healing isn’t much important in the server so Yax will only be helpful in some campaign levels and also pairs with Finnick with Judy disk.
  • Control heroes are important to at least delay Duke & D&B’s attacks. Wall-E and Finnick currently dominates the control line.
  • For the Support, only Violet is helpful at the moment. But if you gain more experience in battling, maybe you could try using Woody.
  • Goofy and Bo Peep dominates the tank line. Goofy is great in all situations, while Bo Peep is also great but weak to enemies that go into the middle of your team (Aladdin, Jessie, etc.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you think a teamcomp like this will be good : Duke, Ducky, Wall-E, Violet and Sully (till i get Goofy or Bo)?

Instead of sully I’d say bogo. If bogo gets his mr incredible disk he is extremely difficult to kill. He survives very well but doesn’t do much else.

I’d say you use a maxed Ralph for the meantime.

Ralph and Bogo are the best tanks from the original set. Bogo is much tanker than ralph and is good at walling enemies off, but ralph contributes a lot to the team through his stuns. Bogo lives significantly longer but isn’t as valuable.

Isnt a 3 star Sully better than a 2 star Bogo or a 1 stsr Ralph?

Hi! I’m in server 11…what heroes are the best?