New player/non-vip concepts: city watch


So you fought the long road in triumph and finally reached level 25.
You now in city watch territory.
You are also listed and in the ranks;
Your data has now been stored.

I wont take away the mysteries of city watch, but all i will say is, if you are still non-vip… the struggle for badges is now lowered as you have another route for gold,chips and items.
If you are vip however… do not think that city watch is there for you to clock. Stay humble.

Another thing that you should know which is crucial is that friendship campaign, opens at the exact same time.
You are also put through the motions tutorial of ralph and vanellope, do not let city watch make you think its more important than friendship quest.
This happens a lot because friendship campaign takes two days to put in motion and week/s to settle a single disk.
Your phone notification will now mostly consist of friendship quests. If youre doing the work.

Another important factor i might like to add is the ranking building in the main screen. Nuff said.

So you went through the tutorial and you are now enjoying city watch, minding your own business…

When you suddenly notice that your tank didnt survive on full hp -no worries, yax has a full energy bar-

Yax heals the next round… but now your tank barely scraped through and even dash,
dash my son! What happened, what! Evil elastigirl slapped you dizzy in the middle of the court! That’s it… restart!

Counter-pick time? Maybe.
One thing you should know about city watch, unlike other events, you can do it the whole day.

The answer here is not skill up dash… because elastigirl will take his upgraded ear down to the infirmary.

The first part of the answer lays in the option screen to restart.
Look at your stats. The bar graph icon.
Again, look at the stats…please do not forget this.
Look at what happened in each wave.
Yes you noticed… your doing extreme ratio of physical damage, besides that…always look at your stats!
(Whispers: Dash isnt doing enough and is actually triggering the backline energy bar)
Also this is the only place to test your team, win or lose (even retreating when winning).

The 2nd part of the answer is not buy new heroes as you should have enough heroes by now.
The answer lies in…
leave it where it is…wrap your belongings on a stick and meet ralph and vannelope at the train station.

Yea thats right! Take your losses for the first day and transit to elite campaign for stars!
Look for a guild that has friendship stamina perks reduction.
Sleep it off.

Day 2, ralph taught you to wear a black plastic bag as an undershirt. Vanellope picked you a good hoodie.
You also did your daily Friendship quest,
well done.

Tip: another thing you should be wary of is, if in arena you not ranked, switch your defense into something slightly weaker before the restart is set.

So now we know we must have a good guild. We must have a sacrificial tank for the ceremony.
We need to upgrade fantastic power.
We need to do more elite campaign.
We must expect an increase difficulty every 15 hours because difficulty is set by arena endeavours.

Do not immediately hire a mercenary.
Just look at the list for preparation of your sacrifice and call dibs in your guild. Because its going to take the entire day and you might increase level.
With that said may i also add that you ask for a mercenary power increase perk at your guild. 5%/10% helps a lot, if its more…than its better.
That is very important… you are going to increase level by the end of the day!

Second thing you must do is log or screenshot your ranking. By the time crimewatch starts getting hard, you shouldve accumulated thousands of city watch currency.

Now you have a choice of what to do with your currency. Get heroes or get items… you cant do both or you will stall in both.
A Good guild should tell you which purple item you do not need (purple 1 badge) since you wont get purple 1 hero till level 58+… also you cant afford it.

Another choice you wont make is demoting in arena since you now understand that arena yields more rewards that city watch ever will.
I repeat, city watch is just an additional item area.

What about the benefits of disk power?

…well do you have a disk?


…well then stick to normal mode, because once you go hard mode, normal mode will forever seem difficult.
Once you go hard, you should plan to stay their for weeks.
So to compactalize this enough to fool wall-e till eve comes to flag a security breach.

City watch has a kill screen for top rankers.
City watch plays to non-vip advantage.
City watch is purely economical.
City watch is fun.

Please keep your imagination soaring in city watch.
Also just a hint, once you are above certain levels… you will notice that healing heroes are very important. Ralph also heals when turning purple and his disk is very useful.

After credits: barbossa also heals, “aye, the apple of me eye…aye, i see a young rabbit in the fray.
Cannon away, death to parlay after the swann.”

“Aye, you fooled me bunny, wait till i get my davy jones badge”

Dont underestimate judy.