New player/non-vip concepts: skill proc


Welcome, if you are new to the game and forum i hope you have a wonderful experience.
This is my first post.

As a new player, disney heroes has a real great learning curve (ensure you read all available in-game information) and one of the first things you will realise is; investment is everything.
You should already have an idea how to handle your stamina, this must be of your own opinion so you can enjoy your play: there is no bad decisions.
You should note the starter kit team and the roles in team: 1 tank (ralph) 2 damage (vannelope & mrs incredible) 1 healer (yax) and 1 control (frozone)
Try to keep the role allocation steady when developing in game. Your line-up choice is very valuable.

Now let speak about the topic.
So the first topic i want to speak about is proc = the automatic non-random timed realise of secondary skills.
You will note: as you incline and the battle stagnate, this matters.
This topic only matters for extreme close match-ups.

General: don’t disrupt your own secondary skills using active skills (when the time comes)
Try to Use vannelope active skill to finish off the ranged hero she is already attacking.
(This requires you to pay attention to where your hero is - there is bottom, mid and top/ front,mid and back) vannelope is usually bottom/mid and attacks to her nearest opposite position but 3rd skill can volley to the top/right -this matters because of 4th skill splash that you will later earn.

Try use mrs.incredible to disrupt skill attacks and immobilize non-tank heroes that sometimes go ahead of tanks like felix (a supportive tank) or dash (control hero) later on you will witness kick-back moves (attacks that pushes hero away; mrs.incredible has that as a 3rd skill) time your attacks to attack specific individuals when this happens.

Proc matters to damage heroes a couple days in on the game.
Dont think because ralph stagnates that its better to have two tanks.

Dont waste your money on upskilling yax’s (the healer) body odor skill. If you must focus on him, just pay attention to his heal and 2nd skill damage. His damage is quite strong but has a slow casring animation. His damage actually support tanks on attacking front guard enemy heroes.
In-fact tanks that are too forward block vannelope from attacking heroes that matter so yax has fundamental damage.
You will find that ralph lacks damage.

Frozone: his damage is supportive but what matters here is his supportive stun - as much as you should unleash this any time you can, try to combine it with vannelope’s active. As a damager vannelope glitch skill actually wastes time.
This is mostly in time of forced white energy outputs (when the enemy range hero is attacking vannelope and frozone.)
You will also later note physical damage resistant heroes - this is where frozone shines once again.

Ralph: at the start, try to focus on upgrading ralphs badges (thats if you have to waste valuable stamina gettings bits of items; after achieving your daily quests and medals)
Since he doesnt have much of a damage output only upskill his first skill (wreck it) …to a point!

That point as you should pay attention to this is enemy levels.

You will see on the map levels the cards have a number on top of them, those are the hero levels

  • try to ensure your heroes skill are only one level above it only.
    Do not waste money on skills further than that (check both normal campaign and elite)
    Use money for market hero cards chips that come daily and save money. This forces battles to be close.
    Losing a battle costs you one stamina which is 5 minute cooldown time to replenish.

So a topic about proc damage was mostly about damage heroes.

This was mostly for starter gamers.
You’re part of the community now feel free to discuss.

Also like/dislike if you’re satisfied with overall contents. :persevere:

Nb: this point was an interesting moot which is secondary to actual in-built game help displays.


Just saying using two tanks or one tank and one front line damager can be very helpful as well


I completely agree david.

The first hero i unlocked was mr.incredible and i used him in tandem with ralph (taking elastigirl off my list).
So putting it out there ralph is going to be a problem.
Newcomers also tend to upskill ralph heavily (average lvl 12) while there is a lack of skill on damage heroes.
Elastigirl doesnt appear useful as her snap shot doesnt seem to do much damage compared to ralph’s visual stun.
Since the supportive heroes who can increase attack speed won’t be available to them elastigirl matters.

Yaz can also be replaced with felix or violet later but considering dash and finnick are the first possible heroes you can get in elite mode (maybe its randomly generated) then maybe one has to think carefully.

My wish is to add another factor in new players mind.
To also start a young player conversation and experiences. Since all heated debates are of unattainable events to players who have been in game for 2 hours or so.

Irrespectively though it should be noted that everyone hits a brick wall sooner or later.
Especially non-vip.


All true maybe you should do one more topic like this debating which two star hero gift you should accept. (Bogo,Sulley,Woody,Mr.Incredible,Nick or Felix.) I picked Nick cuz I thought his skills were useful (and they were) but now I wish I had picked woody cuz he is one of the few two star heroes I don’t have and I already have all the others.


Players no longer get a choice, they receive a random hero.


Oh my bad I’m sorry I had no idea. When I originally started,they have me a choice. My bad!


Nice guide, please do a basic guide on city watch. That would be cool.