New problem in surge

In surge I for a while now have gotten the amount of gold I earn in surge to 1 billion. And even then every day I get less and less, today I got 400 million when I had earned double yet PB is just ruining the amount actually earned. If I get 400 million say it not just lie to me and say I should actually get 1 billion and hope I’ll be happy enough hearing that. Maybe there’s a reason I’ve seriously started leveling more heroes every chance I get. Up to like 80 or 90 heroes.

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Do you hire mercenaries? Or what is the problem here?


The problem is im raiding area 1 fights 9 times and area 2 I raid once and now I’m getting double below the amount im shown, lately I keep seeing it show 800-900 million gold I should receive from the fights and I’m getting way too little for the areas I fight/ raid. I haven’t hired mercenaries since the emerald rank existed.

And just to show an example, here’s what I mean.

You mean the bonus is low? Tiers are dependent upon team power of individual players.

If you have over half the guildmates at top level with 5 heroes at max, the surge will become hard to get even tier 18 (100% bonus), sadly.


No I mean do you see the amount of gold shown on the top left of the screen? Now instead of getting that amount I keep getting 410 million, in fact yesterday I actually got 411 million gold. I’d at least like to be shown the amount I’ll actually get just from my efforts and not combined with the tiers anyone else gets just so I know what I’m getting. I raided area 1 8 times and area 2 1 time

you definitely got less than you should

at the same time if you think that you had to get 953.44M after the surge ends… well that´s not right either…
you should have gotten 953.44 x 0.83 (for the “+83%”) = 791.35M

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Still the amount I earned today was 300 million gold

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