New Rank Preview!

We’re so excited about the next Rank coming to Disney Heroes that we wanted to share a little preview with you! We’re looking to take on something with this feature that we’ve wanted to address for a long time which is the overall health of our Level Scaling stats like Crit and Tenacity.

Our primary goals are to better curate these stats on a Hero by Hero basis while also distributing them more evenly across the Hero roster. We want to do this in a way that doesn’t add new resources to the game or interrupt current progression features. We’re still in the early stages of development on this but we hope this gives you a good idea of what’s soon to come.

To kick things off, we’re letting the DH Community choose the new Rank’s color! Vote for your favorite from the choices below. The winner will be announced Monday, April 17th! The names have not been finalized.

Thank you so much for playing Disney Heroes, we look forward to sharing more with you as we continue work on this exciting new feature for the game!

Pssst… Please don’t tell The Inventor, he doesn’t like it when we steal his thunder.


Yay!!! Whoo, can’t wait, new filters!


Crits, Tenacity and Evasion… rather.

I feel like Platinum should have been a thing since… Y22 really :joy:

Personally - Bronze doesn´t make much sense, Gold is super close to Yellow, Gem and Ultraviolet are basically another Purple, which we had.

Spirit would be cool, but should rather be called Teal, Turquoise or Aqua.
Fire is ultra close to Orange.
Toxic is ultra close to Green.


Emmm… Are you considering the insane amounts of stamina is getting get the new ranks? I mean they should be challenge but not a force $20 bucks purchase for ONE SINGLE HERO



That is so… negative. I could see Glitches, what with the computer theme and Vanillope was an O.G. in the game but I personally don’t like the sound of that.


That’s certainly a worthy goal; one of my main concerns lately has been the influx of heroes that drastically increase or decrease Tenacity (and now, Evasion), and the possibility for those wild swings unbalancing the game.

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Literally… what?

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I wanna change my mind ( Toxic to Platinum) you said it exactly how I was meant too :laughing: I totally agree :+1:

Samm why?

This can be done more easily through better planning of badges on a “hero by hero” basis
Instead of just throwing random badges for the last 7 ranks if these badges gave evasion and tenancity and crits in enough capacity it would even it easier.

It honestly just feels like the team keeps spending time on things that is not needed, while other more urgent matters are left for months, years.

After the very disappointing Patch Notes 4.9, this really feels like a leap in the wrong direction.

my opinion
please feel free to correct me if there is anything I am unaware of

Is this about spolied for surprise?

Wow, this will be interesting, yet exciting as always. I’m always ready to see what the next rank color will be.:wink:

Toxic or ultraviolet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is just sad it can´t be done retroactively though.
Imagine only 17 ranks of Red, ending at R16 (with R17,R18,R19 being changed to Y0, Y1, Y2).
Then Y22 (which is the first rank with Platinum badges) could have been Pt0 and since Y21 would be pushed 3 ranks up due to the imaginaton I used… it would become Y24.

P4, O8, R16, Y24 :wink: That would be quite some symmetry.

But I know the team opposed changing the badges for heroes - so I believe changing ranks or colors might be even more difficult and costly than I think.
Would be nice if the stamina costs were cut though.

Actually it’s Y26

21+3 is 24 if I am well aware…

Can’t you look at the Picture. It says this. while this update

Sprit or bronze for me so later on it would make sense for silver and gold to come along

I was talking about a hypothetical scenario where PB devs changed Ranks numbers.

Y26 which we have currently would then be Pt4 aka PLATINUM+4 (because Y22 would be Pt0, Y23 = Pt1, Y24 = Pt2 and Y25 = Pt3)

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I only have a few heroes in Yellow and most of them are girls. As long as I keep saving up my stamina or if Perblue can let us use all our extra stamina at once then I will start moving heroes to Yellow

I know those Badges

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