New Red Skill for which Role!

Choose a role you want to get a red skill and let me know who you would like to see get that red skill!

  • Tank
  • Damage
  • Support
  • Control

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I would like to see a red skill for Ralph.

Knowing how is Ralph, his Red Skill will make him to die faster.

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I would like to have Merida, Quorra, Stitch, Beast and Peter Pan to have their red skill!


Mostly Hiro, Peter Pan or Miguel.

I choose damage since I want Stitch to get a red skill. I’ve been saving my Epic Keys for a long time

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I choose damage, because of Barbossa. He is still pretty good, and can be even better.

Ralph desvers good red skill then any anothet charther in the game


mike ,stitch ,anger for red skill

I still use Felix allot. So if he got a red skill to still keep him relevant I would love it

I want buzz to have red skills

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I need jafar red skill

I want to see Merida have a red skill. Also this is totally unrelated but will you ever add Star Wars characters. They made Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD.

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There will never be Star Wars or Avengers in the game!

Ralph red skill


Me gustaría que Mérida tuviese su habilidad roja! Sería genial! O al menos para mí sería genial xd

I would like to see Scar get red skills, with longer stronger invisibility please.


I want red skill for goofy, beast and will u add lighting McQueen plz?

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Goofy. Thanks!

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I would like to see red skill for Elastigirl and Dash.

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