New to this game


Hi transferred over from DS, so got the basics. Looking at the stuff that is different, any game tips you would be willing to share would be much appreciated. Thanks!



Tip save up diamonds and coins for good deals not chests!

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You’re looking to spending lots of money on this game. It just got more expensive to level up all your characters now. Trust me. If you’re not willing to spend hundreds of dollars… you’ll never catch up or get your toons strong enough. And I forgot to say! This post will be hidden! But you can always see hidden post because everyone is curious! I had to say this lol!



Just enjoy playing like any other game, try joining a good guild and keep an eye out for contests and events.



Guilds are a top priority. Find one that does surges daily/guild wars and it’ll help you star up heroes immensely.

Do your City Watch and Heist (when you are high enough) every day.

There are handful of GREAT heroes to have are Quora, Sully and Boo, Moana, Nick (For City Watch), Zerg, Malificent, Calhoun, Tia Dalma, Scar, Baymax, Darkwing Duck, and Mickey Mouse. Seriously, focus on pumping this core up and it’ll help you immensely.

Save. Your. Resources. Contests roll around that want you to burn as many diamonds or other resources as possible and it helps to have a small stockpile. Don’t spend them frivolously.

When leveling skills, make sure that any skills with “up to level __” are maxed first. Makes a big difference.

Get as high as you can in Arena and Colliseum as quickly as you can. It’ll bot only give you big boosts in currency for making rank, but you’ll also get a daily reward for your rank that increases with being in higher leagues.

Don’t try to level all of your heroes evenly. Thats a suckers game. Focus on the champs I listed above. There is a LARGE number of heroes that are mediocre and don’t even come close to the ones I listed.

If you really like the game, WAIT TO BUY DIAMONDS. There are some pretty awesome deals that pop up for when you do buy diamonds, you get those sales in addition to your diamonds. Sometimes, you can get two at once.

Getting a higher VIP level helps immensely like most mobiles these days. Don’t try for anything past VIP 8 or 9. If you are, you’re looking at spending hundreds of dollars and then possibly thousands to reach up to VIP 20. I like this game, but not as much as getting a new computer.

Buying 10 of Diamond crates does NOT ensure you receive a hero you don’t have, contrary to the vagueness of hiw its worded. Its pretty much never worth buyimg diamond crates unless its from a direct sale. I’ve seen (at the lowest) 50 fiamond crates for 1200 diamonds aroumd the wimter holidays. It happens, just have patience.



Thanks for sharing your knowledge of DH I myself just came over from DS & by reading this thread I see it’s going to be another rollercoaster ride. I was at DS back when Pure Blue sold DS to Greed now lots of us have come to DH because the simulates of the two games. Now it seems like we jumped out of the pot & into the fire. We had years of DS gameplay under our belts just to be told DS would be closed down in this coming may. Now I’m thinking DH/Pure Blue is not going to be any better? Yes I’m one of the server 16 DS members that came back to Pure Blue hoping somehow that the original owners of DS would welcome us with open arms. SMH it seems like gold & Stamina are rare & very hard to come by. I don’t know why they can’t just give us a break on the stamina can’t farm & can’t get the right toons to farm for. But hey thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.

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Welcome! Glad to have new players joining the forum community!



Thanks Nick! Looks like you covered everything! Sadly I do not have any of the heroes you recommend…yet :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome Polaris! Also much thanks to everyone who replied! Getting into the groove of the game, and going to put all of your tips to good use!



Thank you for the welcome.



Your honest straight forwardness was much appreciated just wondering from your. Post I noticed not even half of the toons you named are on s16 have you guys been told as to whenever s16 may receive the other toons? Really hate to spend so much to fight with lower level toons just to have to pay out the yazoo later for the toons to win with. And also how is PurBlue about compensating it’s players from your point of view (aka a player) just asking. Seeing how long we were locked out of s16 today. From your educated guess what should a new player expected our time & trouble is worth? Just asking from a player’s (your) point of view? Are they accommodating to good customers? Be honest & tell me what you would expect for today’s approximately 3 hour lockout? Don’t answer if you fear retaliation. :slight_smile:



With the way “heroes” are released, it won’t be long till more are available. Truth be told, with the new “Hero Refresh” (several heroes to include Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbosa, Rex, and Nick Wilde) were just updated with fairly large boosts to make them more viable in PvP. I truly don’t know just how viable, but its clear that if this is to continue with the updates in the future that older heroes will certainly become more prominent. Ita just one of those scenarios that everyone is going to have to keep their eyes peeled for.

In the past, we received diamonds and other things as compensation if I recall correctly. It might be a few humdred diamonds or so depending the severity of whats happened. Frankly, if it occurred during a contest or effected a contest in some way, you are far more likely to receive conpensation than just a normal day.

As a side note I’ve never personally had problems with support or getting answers. Sometimes they are slow to answer, but with the backlash they get, I see why they take the time to give answers.

Also, just remember that Polaris is the community manager. I’ve seen people be incredibly toxic to Polaris and he or she doesn’t deserve any of that garbage, regardless of how upset people are.



Or you can just enjoy the game paying whatever you’re comfortable with because “catching up” is an unnecessary concept



Sorry but champions? XD

They called heroes buddy!



Warm welcomes :smiley: .

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