New way to get Raid Tickets?

Can we please get another way to earn raid tickets? Maybe in the shop or a mission we can complete to get them? If only VIPs get them daily that’s a little unfair to the players who dont have the cash to get their VIP level up. I dont fully have a better way, just a suggestion. If some people could help make this a better idea, please do. I’d love feeback and discussion. Thanks for your time and have a good day.


I myself get them every single day.
If i remeber correctly i get 40 every day at level 7

Yeah, i just checked. Every level gets a certain amount daily. At level 8 it’s 90 per day

I am in vip and get like 115 or so a day, but that’s not even close to being enough. I buy stamina deals and stuff and now I can’t use it, cause I can’t get enough raid ticket. So why would I spend more money on stamina or diamonds and stuff if I can’t even use them to level my heroes further?

Yes, this a million times… this is going to be the end of the game for me. I can’t level up any players anymore and I’m also a VIP getting 100 per day. The stamina bump was nice, but the raid tickets didn’t get a bump so now I run out very quickly. I’m not going to spend cash to get them and I’m not going to play levels hundreds of times to get a single item.


How are y’all struggling with raid tickets I have 54k why is this a thing.


Maybe because you don’t use stsmina?

They can add it as a guild aid. I have 90k raid tickets, no way I can use them all


This isn’t a problem anymore, after you have finished your raid tickets you can still raid, it just costs 2 stamina per raid more.

Also, do not use power craft. For starters, there is no additional logic on what stage it chooses to raid other than which stage is the lowest cost stage for that specific badge that you are power crafting, and this stage is seldom the best stage for you to be raiding based on other badge bits that you need for other badges. The second reason to not use power craft is that it depletes raid tickets like crazy.

Well, full stamina for me is 580, so that’s 96 6 stamina raids. Plus 600 stamina for 100 diamonds, plus 8 raids for trials and ports (22 when they’re fully open on Sundays), plus bonus stamina time slots… looking at 250-300 raids in a day… only getting 100 per day… having bought stamina on double rewards days, there goes thousands of raid tickets in a day. My thousands of raid tickets now are down to 0 and I have no way of getting enough to keep raiding even for just a regular day of play… I have no reason to buy stamina anymore since I can’t raid to go through it (yes I can raid using 2 stamina, but that doesn’t seem fair).

Agree that power crafting is part of the problem (I’m way too lazy to not use that), you don’t gain any back when you power craft, and I’ve been using that, but now even without that, they get eaten pretty quick and I feel like I’ve spent enough money on this game that it shouldn’t be an issue.

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