New Webstore!

Hello everyone! We are thrilled to announce the official Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Web Store! Dive in and discover incredible offers with great value including Stamina and Diamond deals for your journey.

Despite limited offerings (for now!), they will feature incredible value. We’re excited to share a first-time purchase promo code to use at checkout, use code: “heroes”!

Check out the Web Store here:

A reminder to @everyone that according to the game’s Terms of Service and this Discord’s Community Rules, please make sure to ONLY login using your own information; sharing sensitive information like your player ID is not allowed.


It’s just deals we can see in the game.

I thought it would be like DHBM merchandise or something.


No offense but I don’t like the store because I thought it was gonna be actual merchandises like hats shoes, bottles shirts and other types of cloths or gear not just the same stuff we see in the game well at lest Multiversus was able to sale merchandise online

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Honestly, I thought the idea to be quite obvious. DHBM is not that big of a project to make a merch line, let alone selling it outside of the US. Here, at least some regions. And the format gives PerBlue more freedom not only with the values, but with pricing as well, as well as (maybe) allowing to lower them cause of no app store taxes. I still don’t get how it works though and what Discord has to do with it.


Maybe you’re right about this

What reason would we buy these deals from the Web Store instead of just from the in-game deals? :thinking:

Not sure what the point of this is atm


Hey, I tried to put the promo code “heroes”, but it won’t let me.

The only reason I see right now is price control. As far as I remember, PerBlue can only set the price in USD for, well, the US, then the stores transfer the prices for other regions. Here, PerBlue are free to set what they want, if they want to rise or lower the prices for specific regions.

Make sure you are entering the code without any spaces at the beginning or end. If you copy/pasted, it will sometimes add on a space. If you’re still having problems with it, please submit a support ticket through the game.

@samm …l what is the max value of the voucher?

I did but with no spaces, but I don’t know what’s going on.

As for now this store is completely meaningless.
Sells nothing good, and said bonuses are laughable.


it’s just 10% I think

It happened to me too

Yes the store, is like i said on discord, useless…

And here I thought we would finally be getting DHBM merch to put on our backs, but nope…

You’re not the only one that thought that because if we we’re getting it I would buy one of them

Thanks…? Hopefully this store can become more useful in the future.

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@Samm is oswald possible?

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