New weekly challenge doesn't seem to be tracking

Is the weekly challenge to reduce basic damage in combat working? I noticed it didn’t seem to be tracking when someone asked how to do it today. I used merlin in invasion and cw today and made sure he squirreled someone. Also used pleakley w/red. Still no hits on the challenge.

Yeah, the challenge doesn’t work on Merlin for some reason

You can use Angel

EDIT: Pleakley as well? Hmm

When Merlin transforms the enemy, they have no status icons above them. As I see it, only those debuffs with an icon count.

I had that same problem but when I look at it with your logic, it doesn’t match.

Merlin’s white did not work for me as well.

I recommend using Angel’s white skill.
Her white skill decrease MULTIPLE enemies’ basic damage, so you can finish the challenge quicker.
Hopefully, you’ve got her unlocked from diamond crates of black market.

If you have Angel but have not invested in her, don’t worry, you can finish the challenge using low level Angel (I finished the challenge using level 10 Angel).
The trick is using her in low level campaign with some average power characters so that you can easily win, but not too strong where all the enemies died before Angel white skill activated.

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Yep, neither pleakleys red skill nor gonzo w/caboom friend disk works either. Don’t know any other ways atm. If it’s a challenge just for angel, it should just say it.

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