Next Disney RPG style game

So, first there was Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, two years later we had Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, somewhere around the time of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena was the announcement for Disney Mirrorverse, which finally has a release date for June 23.

Do you think there could be anymore similar games coming out, or is three enough?

I think we have enough Disney RPGs, for the time being. We need other kinds Disney games. Which is why I’m excited for “Disney Speedstorm” and “Disney Dreamlight Valley”.

There may be a Disney collection/side-scrolling/battling style game in the works somewhere :man_shrugging::crystal_ball:

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I wouldn’t mind one based off of Kingdom Hearts, maybe we can create our own Keyblade wielder who is recruiting Disney characters.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is coming yeah, but I think that might be more likely related officially next year if not late this year :-).

But yeah, we won’t actually be recruiting Disney characters in that sense, but fight with figurine versions of them and likely be similar-ish to the Medal system in Kingdom Hearts: Union X, even if also likely relatively different.

But yeah, as a Kingdom Hearts player I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link :-).

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