Next Server Merge

Was hoping to learn when next Server Merge would be occuring . Any , even faintest :grin: , idea @Samm ?

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Well, if we continue like this, I think that in 6 months we’re going to merge.


Tots get that ! " One Server to rule them all , one server to bind them … " :wink:

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Hope S21and S25 merge first

Then follow by S1 in couple months later

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Still looking for any word , a guesstimate even , from our PB friends . What say you @Samm

Just one more bump … I promise and only because I think players would like to know @Samm :wink:

Considering S21 and S25 were given a lot of double drops for 3 days compared to S1… I assume that´s a dead giveaway there will indeed be a 1-21-25 merge.


Very soon I hope Numi !

My guess is mid-February, I can say it outright…


Usually it does take place after the holidays so it is likely

Had to " refresh " the topic with a bump before it became worthless :wink:

It probably was worthless since no one was using it anymore

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Not as old or worthless as others I see getting bumped :rofl:

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By Jun 10th , no doubt

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