Next update, when? (Part 1)

Possibly 9 minutes till the notes🤔 Hoping so as these heroes will most likely be amazing

Oh. You mean Alameda Slim?


Who’s Alameda Slim?

From Home on the Range.

The main villain from home of the range

He’s the villain from home on the range

He would make for a better Jafar charming the entire enemy team
And could burn the closest enemy dealing DOT (Damage Over Time)

I would like slim too but let’s stay on topic.

Agree and I wonder what’s keeping the patch notes so long because it should have been here

Yes stay on topic

It is on topic considering this is “Next Update When” and I’m thinking of the next update coming in the future for Villaintines Day


All ready it seems…


But we need to see it

The agony of waiting.

How long is going to take?

We don’t know.

Weird enough is that last year I had a dream that Kermit and Fozzie were coming in a patch notes in 2021… wonder if Fozzie will be a surprise hero🤔
It was weird seeing the skill icons for them and seeing as the skills for Kermit are correct from my dream last year

It depends what Polaris is doing

This is so frustrating. Polaris said the patch notes were almost ready, but that was an hour ago. What could be holding them up?

Just be patient, that’s it.

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