Next update, when? (Part 1)

Is Polaris is almost done?

looks at messages saying “getting finalized” Oh man I really don’t know… :unamused:

Business stuff :man_shrugging::joy: but seriously most likely it’s still being approved

They’re probably just editing a lot of parts.

Yeah, I think so

There’s probably a category where only Polaris and their staff can see while we don’t :eyes:

The lounge of community managers :joy:


For them and not us

Could be seeing as there might be changes to the game🤔 Like friendship stories and Lightning ROB for invasion😂 Which I understand ROB is a stretch

Was Polaris typing, or is it someone with Polaris’s avatar?

Yes it is Polaris this time

Maybe it was Polaris… No it was.

Probably Polaris

I think is polaris

Perfection takes time!

Thanks for being patient :wink:


It’s out


Just had this thought in my head🤔 Since Randall was the first broken hero two years ago and we got at least 3 last year wonder if this year we will be getting 6 or more broken heroes😂

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Which 3 would you classify has broken. Imo its Ian and Cheshire but thats all I can think of.

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Mulan was but no longer is.


Yeah those three Mulan Ian and Cheshire… still wondering how Maximus is broken like a lot say he is🤔

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