Next update, when? (Part 1)

Yeah I fact some or most of us Don’t see it

Kermit basic attack heals, he’s in a way similar to Miguel in the fact that he can’t deal damage.

You wait till cap raises happens then you can unlock it seems simple, right? Also, I don’t think the reply has anything to do with Djaq’s message.

And also Joy.

So you think a new level cap is coming next week?

They come on the Sign-In hero patch notes on the last week then the update happens usually the beginning of the next month.

if they stick to 4-weeks between level cap increase, the next one will be on Feb 2, 2021

As looking at R18 badges, I would like the cap rise to come next week, finally some well-made badges and stats.
But guess it’s quite unlikely :grimacing:

Anyways, any patch notes this Friday, @Polaris?


Are you asking for the cap raise to come early?

Anyhoo, no patch notes this Friday.


Musk is being controversial :eyes:


They said no patch notes Imagineer…

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tenor (30)
That’s much different feeling when you know the stats which next rarity gives are really good and finally make some heroes better!

Whoever was in charge of R18 badges did good job, great way to end red rarity.

as long nothing will change as found few days ago :eyes:

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I knew there won’t be any patch notes tomorrow because we just had a huge update

New sign up will be villaintines day next month

It means next friday

I would beg to disagree with you wanting cap increases early. Level increase ok, but no to color increases… most of us don’t want these monthly but bi monthly as long as the game costs aren’t being adjusted more as the costs most i talk to find it more of a chore then fun. But hey to each their own , and we all know pb isn’t budging on it as much as most people on the forums beg for it to slow down.

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Yeah, @Polaris. I hope the team knows of my Hero Facts: Badges post, because that one is… kind of scary when one thinks about it. That times the amount of characters that need a badge. That´s the main problem with rank cap raise (level cap is alright, it´s just gold). I would be really happy if the rank cap raises could be bi-monthly with the new rank if it is possible. So new rank at 230, then 235 level cap raise, then new+1 rank at 240 in May and such.


So the sign in hero probably gonna be someone who loves someone or a thing like Snow White for example or anyone that loves

Every character has to be villain in villaintines day only

Not really.

Last year, we got Gerald, Marlin & Nemo in Valentines and Tron along with Hank & Dory later in February.

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