Next update, when? [Season 2]

This should then bring level cap increase. Glad no chance of someone being nerfed this week though :slight_smile:

I knew we weren’t gonna get it tomorrow plus we just had a big update

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Man, Google Translate sucks sometimes.
I think you’re asking for something… maybe?
But I don’t know what dual port is…

I think he’s asking about when the next double or triple ports is.

And I concur.


True… not even for the triple one which is for special occasions, but next week it’ll be 2 cap raises since the last double port event


We’re going to be doing a small patch on Tuesday so those patch notes have been posted here!


Well, that aged like milk. :sweat_smile:


They probably did it because of a problem

I guess if you do some changes in the skills itself it does need a full app update? @Loutre

While if it´s a fix in the game behaviour it just needs a server update?

Are you going to do a big patch next month? We haven’t heard of Ducktales in a long time since QuarterJack was a villain to Darkwing.

…and we probably aren’t soon either

Unless they decide to release DT17 but that seems unlikely



So, with the patch note coming this friday, they could show us a possible clue? Mean a new hero or a hero refresh?

Probably because it look off-topic…

Look this :eyes: It will not be new a hero refresh.

Just a cap raise :man_shrugging:

There is a small chance a new hero arrives, but it’s not guaranteed.


Yeah I fell like this week is good because Loutre said last week we were gonna get it on Friday and then the next day after they come is my 20th Birthday

We could be getting the next hero refresh if it is the 3.2.10 update, but yeah hard to say for sure right now.

Can hope of course :-).

Well I do know whose conformed and I’m not trying to spoil it for everyone

Last time we got hero was 2 weeks ago so new 1 should come

It is fine if you can’t confirm yet Loutre, but yeah if possible it would be fun to hear if tomorrow will be the 3.2.10 patch notes and if we are getting a refresh? :-).

Just fun to look forward to something and think about who might be refreshed.

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