Next update, when? [Season 2]

yes, this great idea.

Looks like Chapter 56 has some new enemies, and is released last week. Is Chapter 57 coming in 3 weeks?

Since Perblue is having a week of, does this mean there might be patch notes on either tomorrow or the 17th, the same day as Lightyear’s release?

On 17th as there will be cap rise.

Ok. Just making sure.

Patch notes are here !


Does that mean that there will be patch notes on the 17th?

My guess is that there are no patch notes this weekend.

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who are next heroes revealed?

We aren’t sure yet. We’d have to wait for the next hero adding update to find out.


Well that’s what I think

As far as I am concerned there is no update unless some of our qol suggestions/concerns are included, not being looked at , but included.

Otherwise it’s just another load of laundry in the same washing machine that is done every weekend if that anology works. Sorry.

Please include something soon. -wash, rinse, dry, repeat.


I guess next week’s patch will have 2 new heroes. PrizeWall, Arena/Coliseum (he was there for about 6 months.), Hero refresh.

Arena/Coliseum usually comes out in July

The current rotation suggests 6 seasons
We are currently in the forth season with Flik so he has another 8 weeks or so left

I would be happier if some of the sign-in heroes subbed him instead of having a new one there.

Terrible, sign-in rotation is already terrible, no point making it even worse!
And challengers are become a bit boring, having nothing exclusive will make it worse, too.

Because having heroes locked behind Arena, Coliseum and CW Crates was so much fun… :unamused:

yes, at least there’s some point in participating

token crates are a completely another story, they are hideous. with outdated rewards which PB-never-updates

because Challenger crates are apparently not hideous :unamused:

oh yeah, here you go 15-30 hero chips per week, why not…
maybe when Flik is out, most will have at best level 60 red skill…oh yeah, so much fun for a hero that was decent when he released and now is outdated…

(see how this goes, you just try to advocate for THIS)

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