Patch Notes 4.0.10-A

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.0.10-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.0.10-A Update! This update features a small hero rotation!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-25 Update

New Heroes

  • Prince Phillip will be available in the Prize Wall starting June 9

Existing Heroes

  • Snow White will be an event exclusive character
  • Namaari will be available in the VIP Crate
  • The Underminer and Bagheera will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Pete will be available in the Elite Campaign

This will update automatically after the daily reset at 5AM on June 9, 2022.


Okay, simple but good to know. Thanks!
For the next patch notes/major update, I just hope I have enough storage to get it all set, because my Magic Kingdoms game couldn’t update it for me (which is why I used my iPad for that). So this is what worries me once we start another update.:fearful: If it didn’t end up well…I gonna need help.


Bagheera already was… only Underminer subbed Pete.

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Or this is meant to be Daisy, she is still in void, nowhere to get.


Thanks @Nugget for letting us know!

Yeah @Nugget where is Daisy gonna be? :thinking:

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This might be a dumb question, but does that mean that he will also be in the gold crate?

Can’t have patch notes before they go on vacation

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Is Daisy Duck gonna be Elite Campaign?

Hello, what happened to Loutre?

They’re on vacation

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This should be locked @Nugget :slight_smile: the updates over.

If you feel issues need to be expressed, then make a 4.0.10-A Issues thread .

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