Next update, when? [Season 2]

I would pay 10 dollars for those, 20 dollars if the Friendship Mission Stories are returned.

I am up for paying if that’s the only way we are going to get proper story archiving in the game where we can look up past story content.

But yeah, really hope we get more of a story focus again like before, or at least archiving the already released content in a proper way that we players can read :-).


Friendship Mission Stories are an entirely different thing. This was about Friend Campaigns.

Yes, which is what I said I would pay 10 dollars for :-).

Just meant to show how much I would like story content to come back with that I am willing to pay if that’s the only way they are going to get prioritized.

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I think Lightning McQueen could be in the daily sign for August.

I don’t think Cars character are coming out. So no.


Uh, yeah, about that Sign-In Hero bit…you might want to read Loutre’s newest post…

So what will be included in this week’s patch notes…

Yeah, we are running out of the places to put these heroes.

Maybe a refresh?

Or maybe just noo patch notes? PB could just switch to maybe do once a month an update that includes everything for that month. That way they might work more on things that take longer, like new modes (or refresh modes?)

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A monthly patch note?

I like it, saves us the whole “is there a patch note this week” debacle we have every week and gives devs more time to work on them.

There will be patch notes on Friday.


Like the Scavenger Hunt :thinking:

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Who next hero on 4.2

Are you sure you are going to give the option for players at VIP levels 13-20 an option to play the skipped stages in the next update?

Obviously that might be a prediction to the upcoming patch notes.

Unless they say no, once they work on increasing the size of the patch notes.

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This has not been mentioned
So until confirmed it will not return

It will be 4.2 patch notes tomorrow?

There will be patch notes tomorrow!


New hero too?

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