Next update, when? [Season 2]

Key word being should.

In fact, with the reduced hero pipeline, we really should be expecting multiple Refreshes. Rather often. Anything less would just appear tone-deaf.


I´d rather be expecting more mode improvements - at least the rewards. Good thing would be to increase gold gotten by City Watch… 7M with double is nothing.


Not at all optimistic, and even less so after it was confirmed that .10 updates would not always have refreshes

Tbh, have just stopped expecting refreshes and then slightly surprised when they show up randomly every 6 months


Yeah and most of the time we usually see them the week the following prize wall for the latest hero ends and sometimes the week before it ends

Wonder if next hero will be announced via newsletter like Meilin Lee was. :thinking:

Sometimes they get linked in and be on an image or the loading screen like how Bo peep was on the second loading screen (who got replace by Rapunzel for the recent one now) before she came in the game

@Nugget could you please with the team confirm that the Creep Surge takes lines from Arena defenses?

And if so, could the districts be tied to certain Challenger tiers’ lines?

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Well I wonder if we’re gonna get a villain this month since it’s the month of spooky and scary

Patch notes tommorow, @Nugget ?

Hope so, cause the game becomes boring.

I wonder who could get added to the game next next

Come on… why not Zero or Santa?


Interesting :thinking:

Zero is understandable.

Santa isn’t more a December thing?

Or instead of Santa. Maybe someone more fitting for the holiday like Dr. Finkelstein.

Well, now it’s sadly all too late with the collection and Mayor’s release.

So next, assuming, will be 6th KP hero and the collection with it. Nice.


So what’s next Wade with hacking abilities to steal boosts like Peter Pan but redirect future ones apply to the “most wanted” enemies to him?

Side note maybe “The Mayor” isn’t a great character (movie talking) but in writing here could be fun seeing him interact in this weird place we call “The City”

I don’t know like Running for Mayor against Lionheart or other people.

Trying to rebuild a small Halloween town in a part of the city

I hope the stories are enjoyable at least.

It was already mentioned, so it must be here.

Not here, so Jafar/Scar again, to recall their friendship?

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