Next update, when? [Season 2]

Or maybe he’ll tried to make a city council consisting from leader from other worlds (Elsa, King Triton, Mufasa etc.). After all, he can’t make decision by himself since he is an elected official.

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Nice callback of him in the movie. He doesn’t know how to take decision for Halloween without Jack. So making a city council it’s a good decision about his personality.

What’s “not great” about him? He’s pretty iconic and recognisable.

I’m sorry but I’m not gonna like it

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I think next month collection that reminds me after "The Nightmare Before Christmas. :thinking:🤷🏼‍♂

What is the future collection whatever Disney & Pixar

  • Aladdin
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Onward
  • The Little Mermaid

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None, all main characters from these movies are already in, instead of minor characters it will be better to add new IPs like lately, Cruella, Oliver & Dodger, Luz Noceda, Anne Boonchuy, Thomas O’Malley, Della Duck, Jake Long, Gummi Bears, Pinocchio, Kenai, Chicken Little, Bonkers… there’s a lot of movies/series with no representation at all here.

Tiana, Ratigan, Taran, Joe, Doof, Mittens, and Hector would be nice too, as there is only one character from their movie.

Aladdin as it is now, can get collection right away, Frozen and Tangled have collection with only 4 heroes, others would need at least one hero, which is unnecessary.

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He’ll probably have zero ina skill or something like Minnie and pluto or Carl and dug

Alice in Wonderland has a collection with 4 heroes too and The Lion King has 4 heroes but no collection

Patch notes are here!


You know it’s a good post when nugget shows up :+1:

Yeah, I’m looking forward too. :+1:t2: One hero that reminds about the one and only: “MUFFASA”! and I was hoping that he will friend with Scar, because it’s brotherhood. Just like Zeus and Hades

Well no. It was made as a collection with three heroes and was not updated for Cheshire.

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Same as Frozen

nope… Frozen was already made with Anna in mind

But she was linked

That’s right, Hercules, Tangled, The Incredibles, And the little mermaid I think. What’s next afterlife? Aladdin? I don’t know, like because next month it’s probably Aladdin’s day as 30th years, release on November 25th 1992, before the film came, two sneak previews on 92’s November. Saturday the 14th. And Sunday the 22nd :thinking::man_shrugging:

It’s not like it’s hidden or something…


Hopefully the Kim Possible Collection won’t be the same as with Kim, that we have to wait so long, cause it is on the list already quite long…

Since very end of August, it’s not that long.

in November 2, 2022 is Wreck-It Ralph, 10th Anniversary of Original Movie.

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