Next update, when? [Season 2]

Maybe it goes out to those who did 7 TNBC trials during the event.

So let’s wait for the new hero to be leaked today in patch notes.

It’s not a leak if it’s in the notes lol


Let’s play a little… game-thingy

Who do you think will appear in today’s patch notes?
  • Kim Possible character
  • Encanto character
  • Phineas & Ferb character
  • Coco character
  • Cruella herself
  • The Rescuers character
  • Amphibia or The Owl House character
  • Any other TV show character
  • Something else/others

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Coco sounds very likely cause Día de Los Muertos

(Or at least it would make a lot of sense)


I think it might be Mordu from Brave, Cruella de Vil, Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas or maybe Jangles the Clown from Inside Out.

i kind of hope its Cruella or another princess.
Like Cinderella or Tiana

I’m also hoping it’ll be Cruella or another Disney Princess as well.

I’m hoping for encanto characters like mirabel and Bruno. And I’m hoping for McQueen.

There is a inside out collection, so I don’t think jangles will be in the game.


I hope for Mirabel in the future as well.


REALLY hoping for Encanto :pray:

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If it’s anyone from Milo Murphy’s Law or Hamster and Gretel then they’ll be on the Red team because they share the same universe as Phineas and Ferb and are both created by the same people that made that show but I do like to see if characters from Big City Greens or The Ghost and Molly McGee can come in the game

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Me too!!!
I like to see Molly and scratch in the Game as a duo character…
The thing is…there’s no badges who make reference to their show…
Amphibia and the owl house have badges reference.

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The show started last October aka a year ago and the people of Perblue have to find something in the show that can be a badge

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Would be better if it was Amphibia and The Owl House, much better shows with a larger fanbase, which could interest new players.

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I think I should tag @Nugget we should expect a patch notes today?


Yeah I’m with you on this because I see a lot of characters from these two shows that can be in the game

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Where’s the patch notes?@Nugget

Still waiting on them!


It’s for approvals now (only)?

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