Next update, when? [Season 2]

I definitely want to have Luz and Amity in the game.


Of course everyone likes Lumity


Any update…?

Be patient. It will be there eventually.

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I hope they give us the patch notes…

Luz and amity against the world!!!

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Ok bro, we’re still waiting too…let’s be patience.

Patch notes are here!


Duck, duck, ghost! Nice GIF.

I know Quarterjack’s bugs that I posted in the 4.3.10 known issues topic are still in the update, so can you pin that in the 4.4 known issues topic after the update is complete?

Since I don’t know where I should ask this @Nugget exist the possibility to revisit a hero or two of Zootopia characters for match the Zootopia+ series this month?

You don’t need to tell us much but if you can pass that to the team at least I would really appreciate it.

Yax and Judy had their core stats increased… didn’t make them any better at the end, but it’s something?

Without a announcement? Strange. Maybe they are preparing something and this is just preparing the terrain for that.

Those were supposed to be in the 4.4.10 update so we didn’t realize those went live already. We’ll have more info with the 4.4.10 patch notes.

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Just to ask… but their skills will be improved too, or just core stats?

You’ll have more info in the 4.4.10 patch notes.


Ok, at least it’s not a mistake(?), they really deserve a refresh, along with Baymax and Jafar which their core stats were increased too.

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This may have something to do with Patched Heroes coming too


Jafar refresh :eyes:

:eyes: :shark:

Bruce coming :eyes:

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