Next update, when? [Season 2]

Prize Walls have been on point every 3 weeks up to now:

Prize Wall starting July 21
Prize Wall starting August 11
Prize Wall starting September 1
Prize Wall starting September 22
Prize Wall starting October 13
Prize Wall starting November 3

However we had a bump in the release of the cap raises that are usually every 4 weeks:

July 19, 2022
August 16, 2022
September 13, 2022
October 18, 2022 <— this was supposed to be 11th

Next cap raise is supposed to be on the 15th November (4 weeks after last one). It is 2 days before the PW ends, so if you are patient you will still be able to spend your PW tokens after it hits and get your higher tier badge crates.


Right. Here’s the wait plan for the cap raise. Chapter 62 = November 14th. Chapter 63 = December 13th. Chapter 64 = January 10th once the office doors open back up after Winter Break.

The Mayor Prize wall has already passed. You can remove it from the Soon section.

I would some to see some more Kim Possible characters in the game someday in memory of Aaron Carter.

Well, this isn’t how I would’ve expected to learn that news.

Also, adding more KP characters to the game would be a weird way to honor his death since he only ever sang one song for the series (and I don’t even think it’s one of the more well-known ones).

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We’ll be did sing in Kim Possible A stitch in time in fact he not only did I like his songs, but he was my favorite singer who made me hype in TV shows that had a movie like Kim Possible and Jimmy Neutron

Again: he only sang ONE song in the whole series, and it’s probably not one of the first ones people think of when they think of the KP franchise, so the connection is still very loose.

Kim Possible wasn’t the only franchise I was thinking of I was also Thinking of Jimmy Neutron (too which I mentioned) and Rugrats (And I know they’re not Disney but I’m just saying)

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Why tho? Are you paid by PB or what.

Looking for attention and/or doesn’t understand what is happening
Started to just flag as spam and ignore too


Would be nice to get 1/2 more KP characters, but since they got their collection I wouldn’t hope that much anymore for that. Poor Monkey Fist and Wade. Instead, we could get trial event for KP characters.

But I also agree it would be great to add new series, like Amphibia, The Owl House, DuckTales 2017 - Della and their version of Webby, Jake Long, Bonkers… and complete the Rescue Rangers with Monterey Jack and Fat Cat, and finally Doof to go against Perry.
Overall a bigger focus on TV shows.


Chà…, Season 3 isn’t over yet, so this will take a long time…

The final episode is on April 8th 2023

Season 2 timeline… KP ended years ago and is on season 3 timeline in the game.

No Trial Event @Loutre? :pleading_face:

insert Titanic 84 years meme


Patch Notes tomorrow?

Cap rise next week.

And, uh, it was long time since last newsletter, wonder when will be next one.


Two hours later and there it is!

(Check Photogallery or your own inbox)

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