Next update, when? [Season 2]

I don’t understand why there is a need for yet another super complicated way to make heroes stronger - just to “balance older heroes”

Why not instead of creating new “Patches” for every hero, just look at Base stats, Badges, Battle Badges and skills and refresh those

Front line DAMAGE hero
Purple skill (Magic Carpet Ride)
Start of combat dealing damage 9.8M at TL 335


Chip & Dale:
Front line SUPPORT hero
Purple skill (On the Case)
Start of combat dealing damage 257M at TL 335
ALSO energizes allies
AND with memory disk Stun and Sap enemies

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: nothing wrong here

No mods, just base stats that are skewed for old heroes

Now the team need to spend time looking at every hero and testing it “to make sure it doesnt break the balance” cough Shego, Meilin, Zeus cough
Instead of just levelling current heroes thay people love to play with but get killed by power creep and then they quit.

@Nugget please feel free to pass this along to the devs

Also, based off the previews there is NO WAY these “patches” will breach the gap of old heroes to new heroes, Alladin will need to do at least additional 3,000% to control enemies to make him barely level with a support hero like Chip&Dale
→ 9.8M x (1 + 3,000%) = 303.8M damage


how does one monetise a hero refresh without offering up more resources :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:

creation of a new resource is a very easy way to monetise without making progression any easier, since the resource doesn’t yet exist

100% agreed
But people are not suddenly going to buy stuff for Aladdin if he is still 3,000% less useful than Chip and Dale, they will just keep using heroes they have
That is lost stamina revenue

Also, game makers in general should just be careful to not price themselvea out of a player base in the near future

Aladdin’s purple skill with maxed red skill deals (90M x 3) x 4-6 damage against control role enemies. And additional 120% with the patched new buff.

What would be good if red skill would work against all types of enemies, then his purple would be quite devastating. It shouldn’t require a lot of work…

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Yes and Chip and Dale with max red skill ads 51M skill power against all enemies
Your point is?

All negated by armor buffs, while Aladdin has full armor negation.
Aladdin could do more damage if it would work on all enemies.

Also, what would be point of new heroes if they would be weak? Who uses Anna, Horned, Sarah? If new hero fails to be good it’s useless and nobody uses them.

I just rewatched the Hunchback of Nortre Dame and I understand why Quasimodo was added after rewatching it

And why would that be?

Him swinging into action and getting fan play

What does that mean?

Guys is it me or we should get more Winnie the Pooh charaters soon then just winnie tigger and eyorye maybe piglet or atleast Christopher

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@Nugget sorry if this was mentioned somewhere, tried to find something but couldn’t
but is 4.4.10 today or only next week?


No patch notes today!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Will there be an announcement for DST changing in the US over the weekend?

Ahhh is that already happening!? It feels too early (but yes there will be)


Europe changed last weekend, so it was a fun week of everything ending an hour early - looking forward to having things back to normal again for us at least :wink:

Why tho, it was soooo fun! :partying_face:

Stay tune in next friday.:watch:

Prize Walls have been on point every 3 weeks up to now:

Prize Wall starting July 21
Prize Wall starting August 11
Prize Wall starting September 1
Prize Wall starting September 22
Prize Wall starting October 13
Prize Wall starting November 3

However we had a bump in the release of the cap raises that are usually every 4 weeks:

July 19, 2022
August 16, 2022
September 13, 2022
October 18, 2022 <— this was supposed to be 11th

Next cap raise is supposed to be on the 15th November (4 weeks after last one). It is 2 days before the PW ends, so if you are patient you will still be able to spend your PW tokens after it hits and get your higher tier badge crates.


Right. Here’s the wait plan for the cap raise. Chapter 62 = November 14th. Chapter 63 = December 13th. Chapter 64 = January 10th once the office doors open back up after Winter Break.

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