Next update, when? [Season 2]

How exciting :fallen_leaf:

What did you do?! It’s illegal. :frowning:

We should also get patch notes 3.0 this friday :smiley:



Probably best in the Meme Center but funny, lol.

Yeah Polaris told us

It’s here the New Update with the datamined heroes who Filadae leaked

@Filadae_Djaq Look, they are removing half of Zurg’s skill set and called him not a hero

Actually this would help :eyes:

Question: his purple and red stays, right? (I didn’t ask about white because that skill will obviously stay)

We will reduce Zurg’s energy gain so that he can use his other skills more regularly.
(Literally What want to do to Basil we will do to Zurg :upside_down_face:)

awww i thought djaq would get mad that Polaris called zurg “not a hero”

Of course he’s not, he’s a villain :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow, that’s a good point :joy: all DHBM characters are heroes, including zurg, jafar, and drakken.

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  2. neither

Don’t sign in hero’s come 4 days before the next month?

I dont know, only think that tomorrow or Wednesday the sign in will come

I bet that tomorrow they’re come

Uh, no. We’ll see May Sign-In Hero and 3.0 patch notes this Friday.

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Correction: it’ll be 3.0 Patch Notes, not 2.8.10.

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Oh my bad, I thought Polaris says it’s 2.8.10 patch notes

I feel like will get two new characters in different patch notes separated (kind of like Mr Big, & Rocketeer, and Demona, & Barley)

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