Nick Wilde Hero Chips

No matter how many times I play the Elite Campaign levels where Nick’s chips are the reward, this Challenge keeps showing 0 progress…


Are you sure the challenge is active?

Maybe send some screenshots?

Also, welcome to the forums!

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It’s not letting me post pics :disappointed: but the Challenge is Active. I swear.

Thanks for having me here.


Okay, and did you see the chips with the rewards?

Not all attemps give out chips unfortunetly

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Yes. You get 3 attempts for each level. With diamonds, you can get 3 more. There Is no guarantee that you will get 1 chip every time but I’d say at least 2 out of 3. I’m hunting Dash chips right now, since I can’t get any progress in this Challenge.

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Well with all that information I can’t help you further.

Maybe Support can?

Or @Loutre knows what’s up?

Writing to support is the best option here!


What would be the best way to contact support?

Tap your profile portrait in the lower left hand corner of the game
Under “Community” you’ll see “Support” tap that
Tap “Contact Us” in the top right


Thanks… I took a screenshot today… There are triple hero chip rewards in the Elite campaign and my progress in this Challenge is still 0

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