No Exit Ads Bug

Hello everyone! As we continue to investigate the ad issue making it impossible to close out of them, please keep reporting these ads through support tickets. We ask that you please specify which ad is giving you problems, so we can properly pin-point which ones to remove. The name or a screenshot of the ad would be most appreciated.

For context, this bug is not something we can fix in-house, and need to work with Ad Networks to rectify. Your help in reporting and naming these ads will allow us to more quickly fix this bothersome issue! Thank you all so much for your continued support and patience, and we hope to be clear of this issue as soon as possible.


What to do for Sarah animation death?


We acknowledge this issue and are working on a potential solution.


Ok. Thank you.

How do we open a support ticket? I’ve restarted a dozen times today and none of the ads have let me close out of them.

And until that’s fixed, you can’t release the next update. It’s more vital than EVER to get that, and Ralph’s bug on the hero positions fixed before releasing.

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You can do it here, on the webpage, or press the support button, then chat.

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