No more merges or match players with low might with higher players in coliseum and arena

in platinum 3 is impossible rank up to the next division because the system no stop match me with oranges highers ranks or 5+ stars, or with Red heroes when for a player with low might cant defeat a red team or 5+ stars teams, sometimes I think that some players in the leagues agree to take turns between positions 1 to 10 so as not to let other players pass and change their names after a merge or before for confuse other participants,

in coliseum im in challenger league with red players too, but happens the same problem as in arena, the highers players take turns for no allow to the others players get a rank in gold and platinum leagues,


This game is p2p tho . You have to pay if you wanna go higher .
Goodluck !

You can’t promote bc you can’t beat them and stay in top5 for promotion long enough. They can get to top but don’t care enough to try promoting. If there was some kind of agreement between top players in your division, as you saying, don’t you think they would reach some kind of agreement and let each other to promote rather than endlessly rotate in same division

I already feel sorry for players who fall in the same league for me with this same system, but I am aware of what to do to help them!

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Colli and Arena myself.

I don’t care to get higher in the ranks as much as I just care to receive my tokens. Unless I battle at least once after being debunked that’s all for me personally.

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