No more sally!

Sally is hard to defeat. I can’t get trough 30-5 with my team because she deals SO MUCH DAMAGE she dealt 15 MILLION DAMAGE!

Good joke, mate. That’s a funny one.


Here’s some tips. Use wasabi or bolt to take down sally as true damage ignores armor and reality. If it helps mitigate DoT damage, use miguel, but don’t use his white skill as healing notes will be removed. Shields also helps so sulley with woody’s disk and red skill and anyone that can provide shields help. If these things don’t work then you wanna level and promote your heroes a little higher. Kermit also helps to prevent damage.

Another thing is that you don’t wanna run the battle on auto. you wanna run it manually.


Ok I will try

It didn’t work

Well i dunno what team you’re using because all of sally’s attacks and skills are based on DoT. you’re gonna have to promote your heroes as much as possible. Ian works, but if you pair him with kermit, then you may be able to prevent the DoT damage with not just reflect, but also invincible. It takes trial and error. Mitigating DoT damage with miguel won’t work if he’s not at red and doesn’t have red skill.

Hehehe thanks7510_2 for the funny joke

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You really couldn’t just type out their name? :expressionless:


if you still didn’t figure out a way to beat Sally…

well it’s been 8 months so I would definitely hope so

But if not I would recommend Aurora because she deals so much damage and I just got her red skill like 40 minutes ago and WOW, it deals so much damage!

So yea, my tip, definitely Aurora if you are still having trouble

I don’t have aurora plus I made it through what this post was talking about no problemo

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