No more Shank!

Get Shank out of friendships. She is way too hard to beat. No matter how powerful my heroes are or how many power-ups I use, Shank is unbeatable. Her blue skill give her way too much health and she turns into a brick wall and is impossible to beat and I don’t know what else to do anymore.

So I want Shank removed from friendships.

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Here’s a tip , try using Fantastic Damage or True Damage to her. She’s vulnerable to those. That’s why I used Wasabi to defeat her quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not in friendship missions you dont.


If you’re underleveled, you’re probably just tish outta luck.

If you’re properly-leveled, save your ultimates for after Shank uses hers. Shank’s ultimate resets her Damage Negation, and is the point where she’s most vulnerable.

Her white skill is not my problem. It’s her blue skill. The health that it gives Shank is insane. And when it continues even when her health bar is full, she is indestructible.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s characters like Shank that make friendships hard to play and even harder to enjoy. It’s not fun when you know going run into either character with skills that are overpowering or last too long, Red skills that makes thing worse or both. I’m now reduced to doing quick fight to just skip through Shank. And the worse part is, the devs won’t do anything about it.

It’s not fun anymore when you have grind to promote your heroes everyday or wait for power-ups instead of actually playing the game. This is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode not the Grind and Wait Game.

Can it be a little hard? Yes of course it adds a little challenge, but not to point where you run into roadblocks every 2-3 levels or grind all the time only to lose a ridiculous amount of times.

Well. I seen Shank in Wasabi’s campaigns and I took care of her with Wasabi’s true Damage. Therefore, Wasabi is my go-to if I need to defeat Shank quickly since True Damage ignores Armor and Reality in bot Normal and Elite campaigns too. Not just friendship campaigns. So, in other words @Monster_Toon, try dealing Fantastic Damage since it ignores armor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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He won’t be available in every friendship campaign though. :confused:


Piston slam can be hard to deal with, but can be interrupted if you can deal high damage. Perhaps if you used the friend campaign power ups, then you should have no problem with dealing with shank.

The question is which friend campaign are you doing and which heroes are you suppose to use. if they’re underpowered and unskilled, then you have to promote and skill them up even if they’re high or max level(ed).

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Gonzo and Launchpad, and I have Joy as a additional ally. So I have two heroes that have 1-2 attacks (not including basic attack) to speak of and a hero who doesn’t attack at all. So, you can probably guess the outcome of that.

That disk isn’t worth of unlocking… maybe just work on good disks.

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It could be worse. You could be fighting Wasabi, Disgust, or Shego - then you’d be in real trouble. (Unless you had Kermit and the Rocketeer on your team.)

I do believe other people may have a point about the disk not worth unlocking unless it’s for the challenge and depending on the situation you’re in. What I said and told you is what i’m suggesting and it’s the only way to remedy your problem. Grabbing friend campaign power-ups may take a day and so on if you’re getting them from the friend mission. Looking at launchpad, he can’t do much damage. Joy on the other hand can’t attack so you’re better off promoting and skilling up gonzo if you’re not using friend campaign power ups.

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