"No! My weak nerd arms!" | Luz & King (Hero Concept)

Luz & King
A masterful Scholar with the magic of The Coven System, this spunky gal with the mighty demon King and powerful staff Owlbert will unleash some crazy magic to turn the battle tides all around back to front.
“Even demons have inner demons.”

Entrance: Luz walks into the battlefield as King jumps onto Luz’s shoulder as she readily holds Owlbert.
Victory: Luz twirls Owlbert around as King raises his victoriously raises his arms in the air and cackles.
Knock Out: Luz accidentally makes Owlbert and King drop onto the floor as Luz cringes.

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Trial Team: Blue
Damage Type: Normal Damage, Fantastic Damage

-Effects: Stun, Remove Buff, Weakness, Study, Blind, Damage Over Time

+Effects: Heal Over Tim Self, Heal Over Time Team, Shield Self, Shield Team, Cleanse, Reflect

-Stats: Attack Speed Decrease, Move Speed Decrease, Armor Decrease, Reality Decrease, Skill Power Decrease

+Stats: Attack Speed Increase, Basic Damage Increase, Skill Power Increase, Tenacity Increase, Evasion Increase


Staff of Glyphs

Passive: For basic attacks, Luz casts various glyphs with unique features in order.

Light Glyph: Luz casts a light glyph dealing x Fantastic damage to the nearest enemies and blinding all enemies for 5 seconds.

Plant Glyph: Luz casts a plant glyph causing plants to rapidly grow through the enemy team, dealing x Normal damage instantly and Stunning all enemies for 6 seconds. Luz and her team are then healed for x HP over 10 seconds.

Fire Glyph: Luz casts a fire glyph and sends it at the enemy team, dealing x Fantastic Damage to all enemies over 9 seconds.

Active: Luz casts Owlbert’s magic and strikes the enemy team, dealing x Fantastic damage and removing all active buffs from each enemy. Each enemy then has their attack speed and move speed reduced by 80% and gain 2 stacks of Weakness for 10 seconds.

The speed reduction has a chance to fail on enemies above Level x.

Sonic Boomburst

King unleashes an ear-deafening blast breaking the sound barrier dealing x Normal damage to all enemies as their Armor and Reality are decreased by 95% and are Stunned for 9 seconds.

Demonic Demonology

King reads a book as he studies all enemies while he applies 4 stacks of Weakness on the strongest enemy and 1 stack of Weakness to all other enemies for 15 seconds. King then conjures a spell that enhances him and allies giving them x Basic Damage and x Skill Power for 8 seconds.

Power of Nerds

At the start of each battle, Luz casts a protective force field around herself and her team granting them a shield for 90% of Luz’s HP for 5 seconds. When the shields expire, they gain Reflect for 6 seconds. Luz can also cast this skill once every 9 seconds.

Whenever Luz & King perform “Staff of Glyphs” or “Demonic Demonology”, them and allies are cleared of debuffs. If an enemy has a Disable and are affected by either skill, Luz & King remove all of their buffs and extend the duration of that disable by 14 seconds.

Owl Magic

Every time Luz casts any of the glyphs she casts during her “Staff of Glyphs” Passive, Luz and her team are removed of Disables and gain an increased 25% Attack Speed and x Skill Power until the end of the wave. The speed buff can stack up to 8 times.

“Demonic Demonology” affects 2 more enemies that are the strongest and provides Luz & King and allies a 90% Tenacity and Evasion increase and a shield for x HP for 10 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+x Tenacity
+x Evasion
+x Skill Power


Ian Lightfoot: Adolescent Lessons
Luz attends the local school as a representative for the Arts of Magic department with the help of King. Knowing she’ll need more help she asks Ian for some assisting knowing how both are still young learners practicing and learning the wonders of magic.

Enemies with Disables lose Buffs
Disk Memory: When Luz & King or allies apply a Disable on enemies, they lose 4 buffs and 200% Armor and Reality. Each time Luz & king or allies apply Disables, they all gain x Skill Power for the rest of the wave.
Enemies lose x Skill Power per Disable they have
+x Evasion to Luz & King and allies
+x Tenacity to Luz & King and allies
Allies: Barley Lightfoot, Fairy Godmother, Hector Barbossa

Milo Thatch: Mythical Research
As Milo and Kida are exploring the city, Milo notices Luz practicing some weird and bizarre magic he’s never seen before. Interested, Milo and Kida take part of Luz’s magic routines and tells them some of the magic she uses which sparks Milo’s brain to concluding that this magic sounds quite mythological.

Shield and Heal from "Demonic Demonology"
Disk Memory: “Demonic Demonology” grants a shield for Luz & King and allies for 100% of their Max and are healed for 25% of their Max HP over 9 seconds.
+x Evasion to Luz & King and allies
+x Skill Power to Luz & King and allies
Allies: Magica De Spell, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker, Belle

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This only happens for red skills.

What makes the “strongest”
Most HP?
Most Skill Power?

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Overall, pretty good topic. I would spend more time polishing and making sure you are being wordy in a few sentences.

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Not true. Any rank skill with a debuff can have this clause.

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