No Touchy (Emperor Kuzco concept)

Hero: Emperor Kuzco

“Ha! Boom baby!”

Role: damage

Stars: :star::star:

Team: yellow
Position: backline
Entrance: Kuzco walks to battlefield, dancing
Victory: Kuzco does a little victory dance
Defeat: Kuzco gets frustrated and begins to cry

Basic attack: Kuzco starts dancing, to heal himself

White skill: “Guards”- kuzco sends out his guards to damage all enemies and stun them

Green skill: “Crispy Pill Bug” - kuzco gets a pill bug and throws it to the nearest enemy. The pill bug will slowly take damage to the enemy.

Blue skill: “No Touchy”- Kuzco does a dance, giving shield to all enemies for a while.

Purple skill: “Mean Moves”- Kuzco’s basic attack also steals energy from the enemy with the most energy.

Kuzco - goofy: “boogie machine”
Boosts “Guards” skill

(I don’t have any other friendships for him)

That’s all folks.
Next idea in progress: Kronk

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