Not giving up til we get toontown,club penguin, and kingdom hearts

Disney games were my childhood

That will not happen.


Kingdom Hearts (original) characters miiiiiight actually be possible, as we’ve recently learned that Disney was pretty gung-ho about putting Sora in Smash Bros. while it was Nomura who was hesitant. So still probably not all that likely, but not as unlikely as we might have once thought!

The others, though? Yeah, not happening.


What did they lose rights to the other 2 (and i assume same thing with the alligator from wheres my water as,well)

I think it might have more to do with the targeted audience and such.

Not everything to which Disney has the rights to, will find a place in this game. Disney has the full rights to Star Wars or Marvel characters, but those will also never come to the game :man_shrugging:


Difference with star wars and toontown, wheres my water, and club penguin is that, as far as im aware are owned 100% by disney. You could make the argument that theyre discontinued ips and arent mosly that notable to disney anymore. Kh sure, square enix and all but the others? Not rly a marvel situation. Worst i see is just theyre easily oversighted. And tbh i can see club penguin in particular juat randomly thrown in dh make a lot of curious ppl start playing.

And if you ask that in the next Q&A? But remember being polite there. That increases your chances to get answered.

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