Now I’m gonna get old school

So I’m gonna get old school now with a new hero wish list, here we go


The great mouse detective - ratigan, basil of Baker Street

Mickey Mouse and friends - pete, big bad wolf, Oswald the lucky rabbit, the mad doctor

Snow White and the seven dwarfs - Snow White, grumpy, dopey

DuckTales - webby, the beagle boys, flintheart glomgold, Daisy Duck, Gladstone Gander, cinimon teal, Lena

Darkwing Duck - steelbeak, bushroot, quackerjack, negaduck

The nightmare before Christmas - the mayor, finklestein, lock, shock, and barrel

Phineas and ferb - phineas and ferb, agent p, doofenshmiritz, Rodney, dr. Diminutive

Frozen - Anna, Hans

Goof troop - max goof, p.j Pete

Disney parks - figment, the hatbox ghost, the barker bird, the yeti, Madame Leota

Pirates of the Caribbean - the auctioneer, redd, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Jack the monkey

Gravity falls - grunkle Stan, stanford pines, dipper, Mabel, bill cipher

The muppets - kermit the frog, fozzie bear, the Swedish chef, sweetums and Robin, dr. Teeth, uncle deadly

Hercules - pain and panic, Phil, Zeus

The lion king - shenzi, banzai, and Ed

Alice in wonderland - Cheshire Cat

Lilo and stitch - lilo, Angel, gantu

The jungle book - shere Kahn, kaa, bagheera, Flunkey

Winnie the Pooh - rabbit, piglet, owl

The adventures of icabod and mr. Toad - icabod crane, mr. Toad. The headless horseman

The three cabolleros - José carica, Panchito pistoles

Who framed roger rabbit - roger rabbit, judge doom, smarty weasel, Jessica rabbit

Beauty and the beast - lumire

Gargoyles - demona

Talespin - don karnage

Princess and the frog - Louis and ray

The emperor’s new groove - kronk, kuzco (lama or human)

Splash mountain - Br’er Rabbit, Br’er fox and Br’er bear


So what do you think of my new wish list

It is a good one! I share some of those.

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I’m just still stuck on which form I would want kuzco lol

What about Negaduck?

Marshmallow will also be cool

Mufasa has a chance since he didn’t die in the game

Tiana will be a nice character

Pleakley & Jumba will be cool

Brer Rabb- Well ok

Candace will be cool


But this seems like a cool wishlist

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Oops forgot them, maybe should put them under splash mountain

Wow, how could I forget her

Oh yeah I forgot, but I thought the hyenas would be better as a October sign in

He would be cool, but I would just be like adding a new skill set for darkwing with a new outfit

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And if anyone asks about the liquidator, he would spar way to weak, but Pooh is here so

Don’t trust the fandom and don’t “spoil” unleaked characters


Bruh, you couldn’t even unquote ratigan

What about Kim Possible?

I’m excited for the Steelbeak concept.

Already made one, and this is a wishlist

I meant the remake

Oh okay
10 c

She was confirmed so I don’t need to put her here

I would like to see the other members of Big Hero 6, GoGo, Honeylemon, Fred, and Wasabi. As well as Ian and Barley from Onward

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