Now Jafar is new Ducky? What is this?

It’s me or now Jafar is worse than Ducky? In arena maxed Jafar with Scar disc basically wiped out my entire team at the beginning of battle, and my team also maxed up with Calhoun’s maxed stars Violet disc (and I know Scar disc does more damage to damage and support, so I put a tank team up maxed level, red 0 with maxed badges), what’s up with all this super high damage instant kill skills? It’s getting worse and worse with each new op toons coming out.


Perblue basically has no idea how to balance heroes.

Either that, or they’re actively ensuring the new heroes are stupidly overpowered so people will pay to get them to max for their team.

So… You can either consider them greedy or incompetent, depending on how cynical you are.


It’s not that they have no idea how to balance chars. They do this specifically so you have to pay to max out the new heros to compete. Anyone who has worked in the mobile game industry knows all companies do this.


This fight lasted about 5 seconds.


You mean Jafar not Jarfar.

This, probably. Unfortunately it leaves those of us who don’t pay totally in the lurch. I’ve always been able to find some strategy or combination to combat the top powered teams - no longer. Jafar with Scar disk is a brick wall without using your own or a maxed out Yax - and what f2p player has one of those?!


To be fair, his whirling dervish does fairly equivalent damage to d&b’s laser eyes. It’s really the fact that it blinds and goofy’s Jessie disk increases damage against blinded enemies by 200% that breaks the skill. Removing the blind would fix the skill imo.

That amount of damage in 5 seconds is definitely broken.


That amount of damage at the very start of the fight is ridiculous. At least with Ducky there are a few seconds and some things you can try to deal with laser eyes. Jafar with the scar disc is just a boring I Win button. There are a couple of things you can do (like a complete team of revive heroes) but then you are left with a poor team against the other 4 characters AND the rest of Jafar’s kit.

If they don’t nerf this ASAP people will leave. Ducky should be nerfed too because that’s a ridiculous AOE that doesn’t even require charging an ultimate, but Jafar needs an emergency nerf. You could halve the damage and it would still be an amazing ability.

Of course, Perblue’s response is probably to release a character with a reflect shield or a Reality version of Timon and Pumba…


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Yeah. They really went out of their way to nerf Quorra a total of three times even though Quorra was actually pretty manageable before the nerfs. Yet they still let Merlin, Ducky&Bunny and Jafar run loose without any intention to do anything about it. At this point I’m pretty convinced Perblue doesn’t care about the longevity of the game at all and just want to continue on catering the needs of the addicted big spenders of the game until even they grow tired of this game.


Melodramatic much?

And those are only the ones I’ve taken recently cause someone asked. As I stated before, nerfing his synergy with goofy is the only thing needed to bring him down to D&B level of power.

The game is designed with max level, gear, and disks in mind. I can tell you as someone with a maxed Jafar team, that’s the only thing needed to knock him down a peg. He’s actually pretty fragile since he’s so far back and there are numerous strong abilities that target that position. I had >120 successful defenses and lost 2 times (to the same person, after repeated attempts) in the first 12 hours when I tried my comp with him, which is insane for sure, but I’m beaten regularly now that people have experimented and leveled up their counter heroes.

So glad people like you aren’t in charge of game balance. Knee jerk reactions are the worst, you have to allow some time to experiment before making a determination like that.


Not even Quorra was this OP back in the day


Quorra buff needed :joy:


There is a very good counter to Jafar that renders his Whirling Dervish attack innocuous. It’s very easy, and you doubtless have this counter already in your hero repertoire already. Just look around, test some things. It might even be what you least expect.

A maxed out Kevin Flynn would help a little, but again -

Having a hero so powerful that he will wipe your team unless you bring 1 or 2 specific maxed-out counters, is detrimental to the game.


No, it’s not Flynn.

Just say who you think it is.

Maybe the skill should be altered so it doesn’t begin with only a 2 1/2 second delay and then everyone’s dead. If they switch that to his white skill then people would stand a chance.

This would be even worse when facing D&B on the front tho, which is quite common bc of their link with Meg. This way, the non-Jafar team would take 2 lazers at once. They should half his damage and D&B’s, and then maybe replace that blind with a little slow (?). Btw, the good counter could be Woody (Je), or even Hiro (Da), if they can survive the first whirlwind.