Nowhere in Particular (Mr. Toad concept)

Mr. Toad

Role: Support

Position: Middle

"Come along! Hop up here. We’ll go for jolly ride. The open road, The dusty highway. Come! I’ll show you the world. Travel! Change! Excitement! Ha, ha, ha!

J. Thaddeus Toad bring his manias to the battlefield.

Entrance: See Wild Ride

Victory: Pulls out a monoicle and does a regal pose

Defeat: Covers his ears

White Skill: Paper Cuts: Mr. Toad throws paper airplanes at enemies doing fantastic damage

Green Skill: Wild Ride: Mr. Toad rides into the battlefield in his motorcar plowing into enemies

Blue Skill: Mania: Mr. Toad goes into a mania, increasing attack speed for an allies

Purple Skill: Nowhere in Particular: Paper Cut removes buffs from enemies and gives them to an ally.



Campaign: Motor Mania: Mr. Toad would like to have Shank’s car, but she instead help him find a sports car of his very own

Disk: Life is a Highway: Mania gives energy to allies

Launchpad McQuack

Campaign: Crash Course: Due to reckless driving, Mr. Toad was sent to a driving course. Unfortunately, his teacher is Launchpad

Disk: Reckless Driving: Wild Ride blow front enemies back


Omg, toad is my favorite and this was made on my birthday.

Toad should be added to the game, this is a likely concept

Oh, it was birthday yesterday? Happy belated Birthday. :birthday:

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Thanks dude

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