Ogre Assassin (Shrek Series 3/6)

Puss in Boots


“I am Puss in Boots, and my name will become legend!”

He may look cute, be he’s a tricky outlaw to deal with. With his suaveness, swagger and confidence in his movements, Puss in Boots challenges enemies, protecting his friends in danger.

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Pounces into his position
Victory: Takes off his hat and bows
Defeat: Tries to attack but he gags a fur ball
Attack: Slashes enemies with his sword

White Skill: Feline Assault (Normal Damage)
Puss begins to duel with the most wanted enemy. He jumps into their position, dealing X damage to them and nearby enemies. He then scratches the most wanted enemy, stealing X HP, 250 energy, and X armor.

The enemy dealing the most damage is given the “Most Wanted” status.

Green Skill: Kitty Face (Normal Damage)
Puss takes his hat off and makes a cute face at the frontmost enemies which lowers their guard, reducing armor by X for 12 seconds Afterward, Puss attacks them, dealing X damage to the frontmost enemies.

The armor reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Marked Down (Normal Damage)
At the beginning of each wave, Puss in Boots marks the strongest enemy with his logo, dealing X damage, and marking them for the remainder of the wave. Puss deals 200% more damage to the “Marked” enemy. Only one enemy can receive a mark.

This is what his mark looks like:


The bonus damage is reduced against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Fairytale Outlaw
Puss dodges a skill that deals more than 25% of his Max HP and counters by stealing 50% of their energy and gaining X skill power for the rest of the wave.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Swashbuckling Assassin
Puss deals 50% more damage to enemies per buff on them, up to 200% more.

Each time an ally steals something from an enemy, they gain 75% attack speed for 10 seconds.

Granting attack speed has a chance to fail against allies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Basic Damage
+X Armor
+X Damage to “Kitty Face”

Friendship Disks:

Puss in Boots-Peter Pan
Fairytale Friends
Chance to Steal Enemy Buffs
+X Skill Power
+X Armor to Yellow team allies
• Puss in Boots and his allies have a XX% (+20 per star level) to steal an active buff from an enemy.

Puss In Boots-Flynn Rider
Such A Charmer
Steal More Stats
+X HP stolen from “Feline Assault”
+”Feline Assault” also steals X reality
• XX% (+20 per star level) of the armor removed from “Kitty Face” is redirected to Puss and his allies.
• Puss steals X basic damage from sapped enemies.


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Yes my favorite shrek character!

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