Oh wait I Forgot! (1.11 Friendship Predictions)

I forgot to do friendship predictions for the update that comes out in a few hours.

Joy and Mickey Mouse
Joy and Sadness
Ducky and Bunny and Joy
Sadness and Violet
Sadness and Megara



How do you know an update comes out in a few hours?

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He meant patch notes, updates comes on Tuesday.

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Why are people thinking patch notes are coming right now? I need an explanation because updates happen every 3 weeks, it has only been 2. Yes, I counted

Another thing, who said Sadness would be released? It might be only Joy and/or Kim Possible which also might not come due to celebrating Pixar June and July. One month down, one to go

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Well, you’re mostly right, but this time you’re wrong. Patch notes/updates comes every 2 weeks.


If there’s another cap change…

For servers which didn’t get rise last update, sure.

Also, game still have bugs after update 1.10.4 which need to be fixed.
Waiting for Kim

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Do you understand what the word prediction means?

I personally don’t think sadness will be coming for the same reason we know joy will be coming.

I was wrong! There will be patch botes today!

Joy is coming, can’t tell the other one though

Joy and Rafiki!


But good theory

That is Rafiki! Wow. I dunno but OKAY.

Wait, it isn’t. It is someone with arms and a HUGE beard

That’s gotta be the Beast

Beast doesn’t have a huge beard

Rafiki with his staff, that’s why it looks a bit weird.

Could be Kim if she’s having a bad hair day :stuck_out_tongue:.


Nice! Joy’s Friendships make so much sense! :blush::ok_hand::+1::grin:

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